Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We have been up at the in-law's since last Sunday and the week can be described by one word: LOTS. Lots of:
  • noise--10 adults, 4 kids, multiple TV's, pianos, Wii games, and other things all going on at once
  • food--too. much. food Snacks and treats and goodies galore
  • drink--we've polished off a few bottles of wine, more beer, and even some Vodka
  • presents--no one is leaving empty handed. Presents from Grandma/Grandpa, aunts/uncles, cousins and of course Santa. Only a few have to be returned/exchanged. Good thing Best Buy and Target carry the same things Santa brings.
  • snow--all the Christmas songs have come true: "Let it Snow" and "White Christmas" could definitely be used to describe the weather outside. We've gotten at least 12" of snow and it is still snowing. The two main interstates that run through the state are both closed. The airport was closed all day today and was supposed to open at 10am tomorrow (Sat) but that may not happen either. Not good news for the Californians here in the house whose flight was at 6am tomorrow. The earliest they could fit them on a flight was Tuesday. The brother/sister-in-law from Colorado will also have a hard time getting out West. Even we will have to wait and see when we may be able to leave.
  • fun--there has been golfing and bowling and poker and light sabre fights and progressive rummy and trivial pursuit. And the little kids played games, too. ;) Hubby, Grandpa and Uncle took the girls sledding (before most of the snow!). We decorated sugar cookies.
  • family--it has been great having everyone home from this side of the family. It is a rare occasion and now with the snow our time together may get extended even more.
I hope your Christmas has been just as memorable. I know in the Midwest the weather has definitely changed some plans and even made Christmas different in some houses (no electricity, no church services). Merry Christmas--enjoy!


Life with Kaishon said...

Your Christmas sounds so wonderful! I am glad you are having a fantastic time! Love that. Aren't the holidays the best? : ) Visiting today from Farm Girl in the Big City blog. I just love your tag line. Every time I see it I have to click : )

Cristin said...

Trying to catch up on blogs while kids sleep...

Sounds like our festivities... very noisy, sorta drunk, and with a overfull belly. Good. Times.

Oh, and lots of snow too...and it is still coming down as I type.

Happy New year!