Monday, March 31, 2008

Are You Aware?

Like I mentioned last week, LC was born with a birth defect called congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Her defect wasn't caught on ultrasound, so it was quite a surprise when she was born. Until about 8am on 8-11-05, we had no clue this birth defect existed. Had you heard about it before you met someone who has dealt with CDH? Didn't think so.

Why is this defect so unknown? It occurs with the same incidence as spina bifida and cystic fibrosis. Betcha heard of those, right? It is also a very serious birth defect. It isn't really clear what the survival rate, but it may be anywhere from 50% to 75% (pure guess there). THere are way too many angels in heaven who got their wings from CDH. Other complications from CDH are too numerous to list. Somehow we got off "easy" and I'm still wondering why.

This is your chance to help spread the word. I have two challenges for you:

1. If you are a lurker (and I hope there are a few of you out there, otherwise my audience is about 5 people) I challenge you to de-lurk sometime this week. For everyone who makes a comment this week on any post, I will donate a book to Connor's Books. You can read about it here. Connor was born with CDH and shares a birthday with EE. Let's see how many books we can donate for this cause.

2. Tell 2 people about CDH. Just mention "Have you ever heard of this?" Just to get people thinking.

If you have a chance, stop by another CDH mom blog. Here is one I highly recommened. From there you can link yourself to many other stories. Or take a look at this site to learn some additional information. Or you can read LC's entire story here.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Note to Self:

If you put a piece of candy (say, a Reese's chocolate covered peanut butter Easter Bunny) in the pocket of your favorite hooded sweatshirt and forget about it, don't think it will be a surprise treat 6 hrs later. It will instead be an inedible greasy, chocolate mess in your front pocket. I hate it when I make more work for myself! Off to soak my sweatshirt.


Don't be alarmed if everytime you come back this week things look a little different. I'm not sure how I want things to look, so I'm doing some experimenting. Its kinda like trying on clothes (which EE does about 4 times a day now) and I'm not sure which outfit looks the best.

Right now I'm in a green mood. I ordered some new clothes from Old Navy and I think 50% of them are a shade of green. Not sure why. Must be a spring thing.

And I'm not sure why I picked the golf picture, it was something dh took (bonus points to the first person who can identify the course) and it matched the green. I like golf; dh lives and breathes golf. I didn't learn how to play until grad school, and I've still never played on a regular course for 18 holes. There is no way in hell dh will golf with me, I suck too bad. But I think its fun. Now if only dh were as good as Tiger, we'd be set.


I love to read. We were raised to be readers and we saw both our parents reading for leisure at home. One set of grandparents would give us a book every year for Christmas, and when they sent money to our kids I would always use it to buy books. Both of my sisters are readers (kdotp probably reads even more than me) and I have a SIL, G, who trumps us all. I bet she has read the contents of entire libraries--she is voracious.

A friend of mine introduced me to the site You can track books you've read, make a list of books you want to read, write/read reviews and share with friends. I've found it a great place to keep track of those books you hear in passing and think "Ooo, I want to read that someday." So far my "to read" list is about about 20 books long and I'm chipping away at it. I open my list on goodreads, then go to my library's website and put holds on books I want to read.

Right now I am on a chick-lit and mom-lit kick. I need something quick and easy to read at the end of the day when I don't really want to think about much. I do like to read other types of books, it just seems I gravitate towards those more right now. Dh complains every time I come home from the library and have more of these books to read. He tells me I should be reading books about starting my own business or making money from home. Unless there is a book titled The Foolproof Way to Make Millions by Sitting on Your Ass in Pajamas and Reading Other People's Blogs I'm not interested at the moment. I will say he got me a very cool clip-on reading light for my birthday--bright pink with LED lights.

This weekend I read Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella. She is the author of the Shopaholic series (a must-read for those who love funny chick-lit). It was good, although maybe not as witty as the Shopaholic books. I've started Peony in Love by Lisa See (she also wrote Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, which is a great book) and also have Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot (BTW, if I had to pick a book title to describe my life, that would be it right now) and The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night Time which is a fiction book written from the perspective of a teenager with autism. I haven't really gotten into any of them yet, we'll see which one I finish first.

Anyone got any good books to add to my "to-read" list? I love book recommendations!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


So dh had his interview yesterday. This company literally contacted him the day after he was let go. They had also contacted him last summer trying to "lure" him away from his former job. They are in the same industry he just left, which is not a stable industry at the moment. He played phone tag with the HR gal for three weeks, no lie.

I guess everything went fine, except for the small fact that they are no longer looking for someone. Nice. The projects they had to work on are being put on hold for awhile. So why even have him come down? For shits and giggles? Who knows, but I think it was a little bit of a blow for him. I think he saw this as a fall-back position; even if he couldn't find anything suitable it was at least an option. I guess that option is now gone.

So now what? I have to to have faith that there is something out there for him that 1. Will keep us in our current location and be within reasonable commuting distance and 2. Pays about the same or more. Not alot to ask, right? Ha.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Things You Should Tell Your Wife

Dh and I have two very different communication styles which has led to a few, shall we say "discussions" over the past 14 years. While I like to share the mundane details of my life (usually things I've read on online bulletin boards or blogs--dh could mostly care less), dh likes to keep things to himself. That means at times I have to be a psychic mind-reader to know what is going on in his head. Often he doesn't share little details--like when he gets a bonus for example.

Are there other things you should maybe tell your wife? Hmmm, let's think here. You are currently unemployed. You finally talk to a company after playing phone tag for a month (forget to share that detail). You have a job interview. Yeah, another jem he felt he didn't need to share with me. Grrr, men. After I found out (because I was talking to my dad on the phone telling him dh hadn't talked to this one company yet and dh is shaking his head "yes he has" in the background) I asked him if he was going to share that with me or just tell me he was getting up at 6 am on a Friday to go out of town for fun. Anyway, I wish him luck today. It isn't a dream job by any means and we were both turned off by some of the things said on the company website, but its a start.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Pics

Between dh sleeping in this morning and having a dentist appointment at 10:40 am, I have had the computer all to myself so far today (buhwahhahaha). In that time I have now posted three blog posts and uploaded a ton of pictures. Enjoy!

Hunting Easter eggs at Grandma & Grandpa's:

Looking at the loot:

So the Easter bunny had to get creative this year. LC is allergic to milk and egg products, so she can't have any chocolate. And what is Easter without chocolate, I ask? So she gets things like jelly beans, marshmallows, money, and Smarties. But that isn't fair to EE. This year the Easter bunny came up with a plan. He hid candy for EE in yellow, blue, and green plastic eggs. LC's candy was in purple and pink eggs. The smart Easter Bunny left a note that told the girls which color of eggs to pick up (gee, Santa did the same thing at Christmas telling them what color of wrapping paper was theirs). Everything went off without a hitch.

All dressed up:
("Mom, I don't want to take another picture!")
("I'll smile, I'm a cheese hound!")

Grandma & Grandpa with grandkids:

Family picture:
(Note, this happens about once a year. I need a highlight in the worst way and for some reason I think my haircut makes me look 40. Blech. And dh usually has on glasses, but they were creating a glare so he took them off. I hate pics of myself)

To go with my random ramblings earlier today, here are some random pics:


Jelly face:

My attempt at piggy tails on LC (they stay in for about 5.2 seconds):

Hat, anyone? I got a few:

LC's jelly face:

LC sharing a secret with cousin G

Cyclone Pimping

Don't fall off your chair folks, two posts in one day from me. ;)

If you have followed along from the beginning, you know that we are BIG Iowa State Cyclone fans. And if you know anything about football, people who are Nebraska Husker fans tend to be a little, um, crazy? Okay, maybe fanatical is a better way to describe them, but they can be a little freaky at times (I mean that in a good way--I think). So when we ended up in the middle of Husker land when LC was in the hospital, we couldn't just roll over and die as Cyclone fans, we had to show our pride. We had a big blanket on display at all times in our NICU room:


We threatened to hang the blanket up over our curtain (which divided the "rooms") when we had Huskers next door to us. Considering where we were, I think every neighbor we ever had were Husker fans. (And as a side note for people "in the know", in that picture she was on C-PAP. She was only on C-PAP for about 5-6 hrs her whole stay. She hated it. Soon after that picture she went back on the vent.)

We were also in the hospital at the beginning of football season. On Football Saturdays we would get LC all dressed up for the occasion (even though we hardly ever won--we are loyal fans)



The little stuffed Cy still sleeps with LC in her bed.

This is a photo from LC's early hospital days. The day she was born and most of the next day I wasn't there, so we only have a few pictures from FIL's camera. This was before she went in for surgery at 2 days old.


Random Ramblings

Not many coherent thoughts going on around here, just a lot of random thoughts!

  • When we were at the IL's, all of us were having some sort of alcoholic beverage for supper (wine for the ladies, beer for the men) and FIL pipes up "So no one is pregnant I take it?" My SIL and I both about spit out our drinks. Let's see, one of us has a family with no income and no maternity health covereage and the other one has a 5.5 mo old. Any takers? Nope, didn't think so.
  • About 4 nights away from home was EE's max. By the last night, she "couldn't sleep" and was up until past 11pm. Other than that, the girls did an excellent job sleeping at Grandma & Grandpa's. More than I can say for my nephew who was supposed to nap there every day we were there. ;) Didn't happen until he about fell over with exaustion on Easter Sunday.
  • We were talking to the IL's about the possibility that we may have to move . . . again. Like dh said, if we do have to move, we will have been in 4 houses in 5 years. Crazy. I lived in the same place my entire life (although we did move houses once--the new house was about 50 yards away from the old house).
  • The cat is paying us back for being gone for so long. He puked on the carpet at least once while we were gone, and now he is just acting crazy getting into everything.
  • EE is finally back at school--yeah! :) I got part of my normal routine back. The bad thing is she only has about 2 months left of school.
  • It is snowing yet again. It will never end.
  • Someone is hungry. I guess I should stop blogging and feed my child.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Thinking of Roo

This post is dedicated to R.J.P. who died all too soon last year on this date. We are thinking of her and her wonderful parents and three big sisters who loved her and miss her dearly.

Roo was born with the same birth defect as LC--a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). If you aren't one of the regulars around here, you probably haven't heard about it--neither had we until Aug 11, 2005 when she was born. In a nut shell, when the baby is developing their diaphragm muscle doesn't form or close all the way. This allows all the organs below the diaphragm to "migrate" into their chest. That is all fine and dandy, except the chest is already filled with organs that need to develop. Some major organs at that, say like your heart and lungs. So with all these "extra" organs up there the heart and lungs are restricted in their growth and development. When talking about CDH, it usually happens on the right or left side. Statistically speaking it happens on the left side about 80% of the time. LC's happened on the right.

When these babies are born, they either take a few weak breaths or are not breathing at all. LC's disadvantage was we didn't know about her condition before she was born, so when a full-term baby comes out not breathing you know something is wrong. I think her initial Apgar scores were in the 1-3 range. The hospital where she was born was not equipped for her, so she was immediately transferred to a larger hospital which was about 2 hrs and a state away.

We were transferred to Omaha Children's Hospital. We didn't know it at the time, but Children's had just recently gotten ECMO (something that some CDH babies require; its not pretty, its not a good thing, but it helps some live). Because they hadn't had ECMO before, most CDH babies went to another hospital in Omaha. LC was the first CDH baby Children's had seen for quite a few years.

We like to say LC started a trend. This isn't a trend like pegged jeans or jelly bracelets that is fun to follow. I don't wish CDH upon anyone. But one of those babies who followed in LC's footsteps a few months later was Miss Roo. Her family is from Omaha and found out about her CDH before she was born via ultrasound. She was born March 29, 2006.

Even though CDH is very serious, every child is different. LC went through surgery at 2 days old and was in the NICU for 6 weeks before coming home. Roo's case was much more complicated and her NICU stay was 300 days. In that time she and her family endured more ups and downs and complications and surgeries and specialists than you can imagine. Roo was the ultimate fighter, one whose strength and endurace I will admire for a lifetime. That also goes for her family who had three young girls at home during all of this.

Everytime we would go to Omaha for check-ups, we would hear about this other CDH baby. I ended up "meeting" her mom, Teri, online while Roo was still in the hospital. During one of our follow-up visits to the hospital, Teri gave me permission to see Roo in the NICU. What a girl! She wasn't quite sure about this stranger who had come to see her, so she was a little aprehensive. I am so glad I took the opportunity to meet her and see her and spend even just a few minutes with her.

Roo did get to go home from the NICU last year. She was still on the vent and had a host of medical issues, but she was home. And then she was gone all too quickly. A mother should never have to call 911 for her own child.

One of my biggest regrets was that I wasn't able to make it to her funeral. I had the trip all lined up, then LC got a fever. There were also some serious spring storms in the area. Teri and I have also tried to meet up, but again we can't get to the right place at the right time. Someday I will meet her and the girls IRL!

I pray that Roo left a lasting impression on all those who met her. I pray that all the medical professionals who worked with her learned something and took something positive away from her case. I pray that the next CDH babies at Children's benefit from what she went through and that the Dr's can treat them better because of Roo. I pray that her sisters always remember her, even though the youngest was just a year when she was born. I pray for peace to Teri and her husband who are apart from each other this year during this difficult time while he is doing basic training for the Air Force. I pray for every mother who has had to say good-bye too soon to their baby because of three awful letters.

You are missed, Roo. We won't forget you.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

We Made It

Everyone is still in one piece and we are all still speaking to each other after the 4 hr car ride to Grandma and Grandpa's. Before our limit was 3 hrs in the car, so this was new territory for us. Three naps (okay, I really didn't nap as much as just close my eyes), two DVD's, one rest area stop, and multiple snacks kept everyone mostly happy on the ride. At least we didn't have to "Turn this car around and go home" although it was threatened before the trip began.

Life at the IL's has been fairly uneventful so far. SIL and I went shopping yesterday--one should not attempt to find things at WalMart on Good Friday (there is usually nothing "good" about WalMart). The mall was disappointing as well and I still have birthday cash burning a hole in my out-of-season handbang. Trying to find a cute Spring handbag was one of the missions on the shopping trip and I failed miserably. Also the Gap did not yet receive any of my money yet because they won't put what I want on sale. I will not pay full price. Never pay retail. Sales are my friends. No money for you.

This morning was the Easter Egg hunt and . . . . it was snowing. The town had already moved the hunt to the high school parking lot because the park they usually have it at was too wet/muddy. The parking lot was just as wet after it had been snowing for 2 hrs. Good thing kids don't mind soggy candy. Grandpa had the pleasure of taking EE to that, so I was home warm in my pj's.

The eggs are colored, the baskets are put together, and the Easter Bunny just has to fill eggs tonight. That's what Easter is all about, right? Sugar and presents. Never mind that whole "Jesus dying on the cross and rising again" thing. That's just a ploy to get us to come to church once a year. Now gimme some Peeps! ;)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Damn Cat

After reading a lovely post by Teri about love and relationships, the best I can come up with is my cat. Not quite as much romance as Teri's story--you'll have to go here to read about that.

So this cat of ours causes more stress than he is worth. Don't get me wrong, I like cats (more than I like dogs) and he has been with us for almost 8 years now. In that time he has yaked on the carpet more times than I can count; ruined numerous items by "spraying" them (think stinky cat pee combined with horrible smelling ass-oil); broken items which include but are not limited to: a toilet tank cover, a lamp, a shelf, and glasses; destroyed Beanie Babies and many other plastic chewable items included favorite flip-flops; and caused major damage to our carpet by using the whole floor as his personal scratching post (we are either too nice or too stupid to get him de-clawed). Sounds loveable, right?

Dh loves cats even more than I do. He grew up with a cat and his whole family are cat people--between him and his brothers there are two children (those would be ours) and 6 cats. At one time we were having LC tested for allergies and I think he would've given her up before the cat. The cat gets more snuggles, kisses, and "I love you's" from dh in one day than I get in about three months. Dh named the cat, therefore he is named after dh's all-time football hero--John Elway. Since John was already taken in our family, the cat got Elway. He is also referred to as Ellie, Ellie Bellie, damn cat, and "You little shit!". He is also huge--most people say he is one of the biggest cats they have ever seen. He is very long and lean and used to weigh about 18 lbs.

So when we go away, we have to find someone to cat sit for us. Before we moved, we had a great friend who loves animals and was willing to do this for us on multiple occasions. I don't think she is interested in driving 1 hr each way this weekend to check on the damn cat. So we thought about bringing him with us to the IL's. Before we had children we used to travel with the cat all the time. Both of our parents tolerated him, hoping that grandchildren would soon be on the way. I mentioned to SIL that we were bringing the cat along this weekend and she was like, "Ummm, have you said anything to mom yet because you might want to ask her first." So dh mentions it to MIL and gets much protest from her and FIL. They are worried about their hardwood floors, cat hair, and any other messes. Great.

So what to do? Super sister to the rescue! My lovely sister is going to her IL's house this weekend and our house just happens to be on the way. They have agreed to stop on Friday and Sunday to check on him, feed him, scoop him and love him (well the first three anyway). I can't say thank you enough. I know there will be some item in the house destroyed before we get home and probably a few new stains on the carpet. I'm sure the damn cat has run through at least 7 of his 9 lives so maybe he won't be around for long. We'll see.



Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Don't ask me why I'm saying that, because I am in no way-shape-or-form even remotely Irish. I could name about 12 other nationalitlies I may be, but none of them are Irish. Heck, I'm at least 50% German so that doesn't leave much room for anything else. But if you need an excuse to drink green beer or pinch people, there you go. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Poor dh can't catch a break. Since we only have our health and dental insurance for about 17 more days, we have some dental work to get done. Dh went in on Friday for two small fillings and came out with a root canal. Ouch. What else should we throw at him? How about a tax appointment this morning. That sounds like fun. Pay someone a bunch of money so you can pay even more money to the government. Anything else? Let's take a 4 hr car ride (one way) with two small children and a cat. Yep, that will be coming up later this week. How much fun can we have in one month?!

My turn at the dentist is Wednesday. One cool thing about going to our dentist is you get to watch DVD's while you are getting your fillings. Its better than staring at the palm tree tile over the florescent lights--am I really supposed to think I am laying on a tropical beach while my mouth is shot full of novicane and the drill whines in the background? I don't think so. So the last time I went to the dentist I made it through one whole movie and part of another. Do you know most movies are usually about 1.5-2 hrs long? I'll let you figure out how long I was there. And I'm taking more than one movie on Wednesday as well. I get to do it yet again a week from Tuesday. It is sad when the only time you can watch a "grown-up" movie is at the dentist. (Last night I had to sit through Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"--wow, is that one demented movie. That one is going back to the library ASAP). Remember my post about genetics? Yup, I got bad teeth.

EE goes to a Christian based preschool, so she came home last week talking about Easter and Jesus dying on the cross and Palm Tree Sunday (we try to tell her its just Palm Sunday, but she insists). She was excited that yesterday was Palm Tree Sunday and she has been re-creating Jesus' ride into town in the living room, throwing down her palms and shouting "Hosanna". That is when she remembers what she is supposed to shout. Sometimes its Alleluia--that works, too. Guess who sat in our same pew at church--the dentist. Geesh, can't we get away from that guy?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Annoying People

Right now I'm reading a non-fiction book called "The Woman Who is Always Tan and Has a Flat Stomach and Other Annoying People" by Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry. It is a quick "fluff" read but makes some funny points. The chapters are descriptions of annoying people they've come across in their lives. Examples:

The nutrition mom who needs to be resuscitated after finding out you fed her child a hot dog

The mom who made a scrapbook so large she could only get it downstairs by hiring professional piano movers

The couple who write the holiday letter telling you how their Little Timmy came up with an alternative to fossil fuels

The althletic mom who is lifting weights every day at ten am while I am gaining weight every day at 10 am

We've all come across some of these same annoying people in our lives. I have some of my own annoyances:

SB's--this would be short for skinny bitches. I tend to make friends with skinny people. I don't know if I think I will become skinny just by being around them or I have some sick desire to always be the "fat" friend. Most of them can't help being skinny, that's just they way they are and they don't try too hard at it. One of my friends hardly ever exercises and is still skinny (you know who you are, I love you anyway). Then I have a friend who has to tell you how skinny she is, how much weight she has lost, how many times she's been to the gym, how many miles she's run, etc etc. Yeah, we get it. Now shut up.

Mom's whose children can do anything. You mostly run across these moms on public forums where no one can really find out if your child is super smart or not. I was just reading a thread on a forum for moms with children born in August of 2005 (like LC). One mom was looking for a puzzle to work on the lower case alphabet, which is fine. But some of the replies were like, "Oh little Susie Q has known all her upper and lower case letters in English and in French for a year now. She can identify them and say what sound they make. After nap time we work on writing sonnets and for fun at supper we conjugate verbs. Our favorite are irregular verbs, but she knows them all. For her second birthday she read out loud from "War and Peace" and we are now working on "Anna Korrinina". Really, people. I mean we do say our ABC's with LC and she is interested in pointing out letters. Guess what? That's what two-year olds should be doing.

One type of annoying people are the complainers. Whatever it is going on in their lives, it is a major deal--even if it's an overdue library book or an broken fingernail. And I am always kind enough to listen to them and nod in agreeement all the while thinking "I wish my problems were that easy". I had a friend who complained through her whole pregnancy. First it was they didn't want to be pregnant (well they did, just maybe not that very minute--the next minute would've been better for them). Then is was all the aches and pains and "oh I'm SOO huge" (not). Then when the baby was born by c-section he had some fluid on his lungs so had to spend some time under the O2 tent. Mom wasn't able to hold the baby for 8 hrs or so. I stopped by her house while she was still in the hospital and talked to her MIL for a little bit. MIL said "Now we know what you went through". Yeah. Having a baby under oxygen for 8 hours and be otherwise healthy is exactly like having a baby born not breathing due to a life-threatening birth defect, having to be sent to a hospital 2 hrs away, being on ventilator support for two weeks, major surgery, 6 weeks in the hospital, and multiple follow-ups with specialists after that. The kicker was in the Christmas letter when they said "Baby Boy had a rough start but is doing great now". Rough my ass.

Other annoying people are the people who think they are experts in everything and their way is best. Again, you run across these people in public forums--you can say almost anything and people will believe you. There is one poster on a board for hunting bargains that drives me insane. She can recommend the perfect wine, tell you how to re-decorate, is an expert about home births, her child has food allergies so she knows everything about those--the list goes on and on. She is one of those eye-roll posters who when I see her screen name I just roll my eyes, yet somehow just have to click to see what she is filling us full of next.

My last annoying type of people are those who blog for show. I am thinking of one in particular (not anyone you've probably come across). I haven't been blogging for all that long, but my entries are just the everyday stuff that is happening in our lives. She claims she isn't a "mommy blogger" yet talks about her 4 kids. She has a hobby blog, a product review blog, and who knows what else blog. She is always having contests and giving out "buttons". Do I still read it? Yes, to constantly remind myself to keep it real here.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good News/Bad News

Good News: Dh has been called daily multiple times by head hunters in the past two week. There are lots of jobs out there for someone with his background and experience, and he could pretty much name his price. Heck, he's even being recruited by Miller Brewing, Co--what red-blooded American male would pass up the chance to work as a brewing engineer?
Bad News: None of these wonderful jobs are oh, say, within 1,000 miles of where we live. That would make for one awfully hellish commute. Did I mention we just moved three months ago? And that we love it here? We're not quite ready to pack those boxes yet. We'll keep looking and hoping something comes up that is within maybe 30 miles or so.

Good News: LC can pee on the potty.
Bad News: She only does this when prompted, and I only have the energy to put her on when I'm changing a diaper. She won't ever say if she has peed (although she's pretty good about reporting poop, and even if she doesn't she will smell from two rooms away so there's no guessing there). She won't ever let you know if she has to pee. But set her on the potty and 80% of the time she will go. Its a start!

Good News: I had lost some weight this year and clothes were starting fit loosely.
Bad News: After this week I think I will have found all that I lost. PMS anyone? Its bad to have that and leftover chocolate frosting in the fridge the same week.

Good News: It was 60 degrees out today so the girls and I went out for a walk. It was awesome.
Bad News: This is spring in Iowa and we will have snow by next week. And the whole outside smelled like one giant dog poop. Disgusting. I hate dogs. (Yes, even Ripley--sorry kdotp).

Good News: Its the weekend soon.
Bad News: It just doesn't matter. All the days are the same here now that dh is home all the time and no preschool for EE. Although I will say that we are going out to eat on Saturday night to celebrate my Dad's b-day, so that's at least one thing to look forward to. And I'm going to Target tomorrow. Field trip!

Good News: Its bedtime! :)
Bad News: Dh has a cold and will probably keep me up with all the snorting, snoring, and any other annoying noises he can make.

Monkeys and Models

Yes, sometimes monkeys think they are models. Or models act like monkeys. But that isn't quite what this post is about. My lovely sis finally has pictures up from the party.

Monkey Cake:


Birthday boy with his cake:

Somewhere along the line of picture taking, my girls have learned how to pose. No unassuming, "catch them as they are" pictures around here. We get full out model poses. Maybe I watch a big much ANTM.



Now if Gap and Children's Place would just pay me for such adorable models wearing their clothing, we'd be set!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Too much togetherness

We are getting a little too much family time around here. ;) With everyone home all the time, I'm surprised we are all still sane at this point. At least today EE FINALLY had preschool again, so LC and I stayed out of the house all morning. Now she doesn't have preschool again for two weeks. I don't know what the heck we are going to do all week next week for spring break.

Last night I was giving the girls a bath upstairs and I hear dh downstairs--I thought he was having a breakdown and sobbing uncontrollably (don't blame him, I feel like that these days, too). So I come downstairs and he is watching this:

And laughing hysterically.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ain't nothing but a G thang

The party for G, my nephew, went well on Saturday. Even though I forgot half the ingredients to what I was supposed to be making and ran out of other things, we were all good--you just send other people to the store for you. ;) The cake turned out cute and the monkey did not lose an ear as I had predicted. And of course even with 5 cameras in the house on that day, there are no pictures of the cake on my camera.

G is now officially two. He had fun playing with his cousins and could've cared less about most of his presents (at the time anyway). He enjoys calling me by my family nickname (which I shall not divulge here) and it is funny to hear it come from him. I guess he was asking for dh and I this morning, how cute. Love ya, G!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Betty Crocker

As I've mentioned before, I don't do much crafty crap, but I do bake. It all started with EE's 1st birthday--I got a crazy notion that I would make her a cake with one of those fancy Wilton shape pans. Growing up, we always got a homemade cake for our birthdays--baked in a rectangular pan from a box mix, frosted with a can of frosting, and if my mom was feeling "wild" she would pipe a few shaky words on top. (I will say that my mom was a Home Ec teacher and rocks in the cooking and baking department--I call her at least three times a week with a cooking question. I guess she just didn't get too creative with her cakes). So if I was going to make my firstborn a cake, I was going to go all out.

This was my first attempt at a cake, and it turned out pretty dang good! My hand did have a wicked cramp for months afterwards, though.

EE's second birthday was Elmo/Sesame Street. The party was at our IL's so I ordered a DQ ice cream cake and made these cupcakes:

EE's third birthday was Bob the Builder. I don't know why, she just had a thing for him at that time.

By that time I now had two kids to make cakes for. LC's 1st birthday party had an ice cream cone theme (ironic since she herself can't eat ice cream because of food allergies--how mean am I)

Big cake:

Smash cake:

Cupcakes (yes, those are really cupcakes):

EE's 4th birthday--Flowers and Frogs:


LC's 2nd birthday--dots:

I've also made other cute things like sugar cookies on a stick for SIL's baby shower:

Rice crispies on a stick for EE's preschool (see a theme here? I like things on sticks)

I don't have pictures of a few other cupcakes I've made including some kick ass Bob the Builder ones and the awesome John Deere cake and smash cake I made for my nephew last year. Pictures to come of the monkey cake and cupcakes--they are not finished yet.

Yes ladies, I will make cakes for you but you probably couldn't afford me. Given our current state of employment, I don't think anyone is willing to pay $30,000 for a cake. ;) If I could just make three or so a year, we'd be set!

Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm here

I'm not used to sharing my computer during the day, so I don't have as much time to post such sinctilating posts as I used to. ;) I spent most of the day yesterday trying to sanitize the house--you can do a lot with Clorox wipes. I also set a new one-day record for laundry.

EE is feeling better after having one more rough night Wednesday night. She pretty much laid around all day napping and watching TV. Thankfully we made it through last night with NO ONE getting up! That means mom got a full night's sleep and I feel a little more human today.

I doubt EE will be ready to go to preschool today. That means she will go 3 times in March. That means she will be home most of the week next week and the following week. So will dh. So will I. And don't forget about LC, she goes where we go. She'll be home, too. We are going to start to go crazy here, I can tell.

I might get to make an exciting field trip to the new Super WalMart today--woo hoo! I don't think I've been out of the house since last Saturday. I wouldn't care if I was going to the dentist or to a yearly exam at this point, I just want OUT.

We are supposed to be hosting a b-day party tomorrow for my nephew. Considering the guest of honor and one of our kids were both puking this week, we'll see. Any news on that front, kdotp? Just let us know. Nothing says party like puking, right?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Slumber Party

I guess you could say we had a slumber party last night. No, it wasn't pre-pubescent girls giggling all night over who has kissed whom, painting nails and eating junk food. It was me on the couch cushions on the floor, EE on the couch with garbage can nearby, and LC on the floor beside me. What fun!

EE woke up around 12:30 am again puking. The girl has some good aim, I'll give her that much--she's hit the correct target about 6 out of 7 times. Saves on the laundry. Brought her downstairs and watched some shows I had recorded (gotta love DVR!!). I don't know what time LC started fussing around, but she came and joined the party, too. At least she wasn't hurling, just restless. We all slept in until 8:15 am or so.

I called the Dr. to see if they would be concerned with EE's symptoms at all, but the nurse said they have been seeing a lot of this--and to expect it to happen at least one more time. Great. Then I suppose we'll get EE all done with it and then LC will start up. She's not as good as aim if I remember right.

We are making a nice donation to EE's preschool this month. She was out last Friday sick, Monday school was cancelled due to weather, sick on Wednesday, no school next Monday or Friday due to conferences, no school around the middle week of March due to Spring Break, and at least Good Friday and the Monday after Easter off. I think we are paying about $23 a day this month--she better be doing some kick-ass work those days for $23.

I sent dh off to see a mindless movie tonight. He hates going to the movies alone, but he wants to see "Semi-Pro" and he could use a good laugh. I guess its become a tradition to go see a Will Ferrell movie after he gets canned. Last time we went to see "Old School".

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


That is how many days until my next birthday. And this year I had to wait an extra day because of leap year; what's up with that?

I had a pretty good day yesterday. Due to the circumstances, dh was actually home and got up with LC who has turned into an early riser. When I did get up after enjoying some quiet time watching TV by myself, I was greeting by two little girls saying, "Happy birthday!" The fun thing is they kept it up all day. EE didn't let me forget it was my birthday or that I was 33. I got to wear a sticker that said "#1 Mom" all day--what more do I need? (money, a watch, clothes, cute shoes, a spring handbag)

Dh did come through on the present front, he is usually pretty good. That happens when you give him a list about a month and a half ahead of time. ;) Once again EE thought everything I got was super cool, including underwear. (Yes I'm 33 and I got underwear for my birthday--it was from VS). I also got the latest Harry Potter movie which we haven't seen because I haven't seen a movie in a theater since Lord of the Rings what, 5 years ago? And I got me some nice smelly stuff from Sephora, my new favorite store (thanks, kdotp!!). I also got some cold hard cash. I asked dh if I should forego buying anything for me with it and put it toward groceries instead.

We splurged one last time and went out to eat. I also requested a Starbucks coffee for dessert and had made myself cookies. All in all it wasn't that bad of a day. It beats last year when we were stuck inside for 4 days due to a blizzard. We had delicious Pizza Hut pizza for supper and a couple of things dh ordered for me didn't make it on time due to the snow. Fun times!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to me,
I turned thirty-three
Happy birthday to meeee,
Happy birthday to me!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Life's a bitch

Dh and I have been married 10.5 years. In that time we've had our ups and downs, just like any couple. We've weathered major life events and all the little things that come inbetween.

In 2003 dh and I went on a long weekend vacation to Denver to visit his brother and SIL. This was the first time we'd taken an actual vacation and we had a lot of fun. Dh grew up in Denver and we visited his old neighborhood and school, favorite restuarants like Casa Bonita, and the mecca of Mile High Stadium. A day after we got back from vacation, dh lost his job. The company he worked for was supposedly "over budget" for the year so they were cutting people, although they were brining in record profits above and beyond expectations (he worked for an oil refinery--that place is still probably raking in the dough and would've never noticed dh's annual salary if he was still there). Out of the blue. No warning. Did I mention I was 6 month pregnant with our first baby? Yeah, nice. Cut the guy with a pregnant wife. Luckily I was still working and had health insurance through my job. (On a side note, that was the best insurance ever--the birth of EE including an extra hosptial stay for me and hip ultrasounds for her after birth cost us $10. Seriously.) Anyway, it wasn't the best time--new baby, stressed out dad trying to find a job--you get the picture.

Another major life event we went through was the birth of our second daughter, LC. Again, I will post more on that later, but considering at least 75% of my readership at the moment knows her history I think you'll be able to follow along. All through her birth, hospital stay, and going home dh was my rock. I remember one night soon after she was born we were talking and I asked "Why?" His reply was you can't really ask why--there is no answer to that. You just deal with what it is in the best way you can. He was very rational about everything and helped keep me calm when I was stressing. The whole experience actually brought us closer together.

And now we come to yet another trying time. As you all know, EE had been sick and didn't go to preschool on Friday. I hear her saying "Hi, Dad!" late in the morning, so I go up to see why he is home. Me: "Are you sick, too?" Him: "No." Me: "Then why are you home?" Him: "Why do you think?" Fuck. Ladies, when dh comes home in the middle of the day from work it usually isn't good. At least not in my case; two out of two times it has meant he lost his job. We knew the company he worked for was having hard times because of certain aspects of the industry they are in. "Due to reorganization of our company, your position has been eliminated." Fancy way of saying "You make too much money so if we get rid of you, we can feel like we are saving some bucks." It doesn't matter that dh has been with them the longest and is the only one who does what he does. It doesn't matter that we just moved 3 freaking months ago.

Now what? I love where we live. Five years ago this is where we wanted to move, and how we have. I love EE's preschool and the great school district she was supposed to go to in the fall. I love our house. I love that my parents are only 1 hr away and are willing to babysit. I love that we are close to all the Cyclone events. I love that I have Target just minutes away. Did I mention that I love it here?

Life will go on, it always does. I have to keep the faith that things happen for a reason, although at the time we have no idea what that reason may be. That is always the hardest part--what is the reason for a baby being born with a birth defect and having to see them suffer? Why do you lose your job when you think life is going along great? Life's a bitch, so I'll bitch a little then wait see what happens next.