Friday, February 29, 2008

Change in plans

Didn't EE realize I had things to get done today before she starting emptying her stomach contents early this am? I mean real important things. Like checking out a lead on a diaper deal at KMart (LC may actually be moving into size 5 diapers--woohoo!). Or going to the mall and returning that dress that cost me $9.18 (because I found different one at Target I liked better for 81 cents more so I splurged). And while I was at the mall I was going to pick out a few things at the Gap to get with birthday money (this better not be the year my parents and IL's decide to send flowers instead, I need new clothes damn it!). I had a few other pressing things as well, like getting me a tall skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks (or a grande after a night like that, but now that won't happen).

Now I get to stay home all day because I don't wish to share the joys of puking with other unsuspecting mothers. Did I mention that EE is now jumping off the slide, running around, and wanting to play on the computer? I think she feels pretty sick right now. Right. Let's just hope LC's breakfast stays right where it should--inside her tummy.

Which came first . . .

We are having a chicken or the egg situation here. In trying to be proactive, I set up a meet and greet with a pediatrician here in town to introduce ourselves. This isn't something that you necessarily have to do, but given LC's complicated health history I would like at least one Dr. in the practice to know about her issues before something serious should arise (knock on wood that it won't, but look at me jinx oursleves). So I take the girls with me this afternoon as I meet a Dr. that has come recommended to us. While we are at the Dr's office I tell the girls not to touch anything, don't breathe in any germs, don't even think about getting sick. We Purelled the heck out of ourselves before we left and again once we got home.

EE woke up at 12:30 am puking. Lovely. I swear, everytime we step foot into a Dr. office she gets sick. She's supposed to be my healthy one, people! Bless her heart, she is very calm about it. Her first thoughts? "I guess I won't be going to preschool tomorrow." No sweetie, you won't. She hadn't even realized she left chunks all over her jammies, blanket, pillow, sheets, face and arm until she looked down before falling back to sleep.

So here I sit at the computer at 2 am. EE is sleeping downstairs on the couch after calling to me soon after she went back to bed. "Mom, come quick". I get into her room and she says, "I'm going to get sick again, you hold the garbage". I can barely make it to the bathroom when I need to hurl--here she's calling me, waiting for me to run upstairs, and gives directions before throwing up.

Stupid me for trying to be "smart" by going to the Dr. in the middle of a horrible flu outbreak and God knows what else. I don't feel so great myself (more the power of suggestion than anything) and hear LC stirring as well. The good news is we are set up with a Dr. if the girls need to go in.

Oh, how was the Dr. we met? He seems very nice. But he will never live up to our old Dr, we love that guy. He has hero status in our house. He also has 5 boys and is willing to do arranged marriages with either one or both of our girls. ;) Don't forget to look us up in about 12 years or so, Dr. E!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm with the band

Yes, I admit it. I am a band geek. I started playing a musical instrument in the 5th grade and played all the way through college. Our high school had a kick-ass concert band (not so much of a marching band, but oh well). My sisters and I were all somewhat musically talented, me somewhere in the middle. If it wasn't for damn Corky Heilskov playing the same instrument as me I may have actually made first chair in band a year or two.

When I went to Iowa State as a freshman, I decided to join the marching band. My older sister had done it, and it was one of the very few things she did that I viewed as "cool". Were it not for the ISUCF"V"MB (you gotta be an insider to follow that one) I wouldn't have met dh. It was a love story on the marching field. We played the same instrument and were in the same rank (row--we marched by each other). I met him before my freshman year started during pre-season band camp and married the lucky guy 4 years later.

Dh is an even bigger band geek than me. His HS had an awesome marching band, and he was drum major his senior year. Their band has gone places like Washington DC (he got to put a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soilder), Hollywood Bowl parade, Disney, etc etc. He was also in All State Jazz Band. Cool sax playing guy. He was drum major of the Iowa State marching band for two years.

We come from band families. Although our parents weren't really in the band as much, all our siblings were. Here's a quick run down:

Dh's older brother: HS marching band drum major, college marching band drum major, met his wife in marching band

Dh: already told you about him

Dh's younger brother: HS marching band (the director didn't want him to be drum major his senior year because they needed him to play lead trumpet), college marching band drum major at ISU like dh, met his wife in marching band

Dh's younger sister: HS band, flag corp in college marching band, and although she didn't meet her dh in marching band, he played in the same HS band as dh and all siblings and was also in college marching band

My older sister: HS band, college marching band at ISU (didn't meet her dh in marching band--maybe she should've)

Me: told you

My younger sister: HS band, college marching band at ISU (also didn't meet her dh in marching band but at a bar instead, just about the same thing)

Do you think our girls might be in the band?

All of this was brought on by EE. She was looking through dh's old CD's and tapes (yes, people--actual tapes. We may have them sent to the Smithsonian someday to document what technology was like in the 90's) and came across some band tapes/CD's. We are listening to one right now per EE's request.

And dh had a serious sentence the other night that started, "Well you see, this one time at band camp . . . "

Six Degrees of Separation--BabyCenter Style

Ever since before EE was born, I have been on the BabyCenter (BC) website. Of course while trying to get pregnant for the first time I read all the articles, did the due date calculator, had all the possible pregnancy symptoms memorized--you know, all that crazy first-time mom stuff. Now I just read the message boards, and most days it provides me free entertainment. I barely frequent the birth board for EE anymore, still post a few time on LC's birth board, read the one post a month on the Iowa board, am a regular on the babies with birth defects board, and am addicted to the Bargain Hunters board. Its my guilty pleasure.

Since being on BC, I have actually "met" quite a few people I wouldn't have met otherwise. I'm convinced that everybody on the board probably knows someone else on the board in fewer than 6 degrees. Here's just a few examples of the connections I have made:

1. When we were first moving to Carroll 4 years ago I got some recommendations from Stacey V. on the Iowa board. Because of her I found our Dr., my hairstylist, and she happens to be a friend of a friend.

2. Also from the Iowa board I met someone who was literally moving about 1/2 a block away from our house.

3. Over three years ago there was a story on BC about a baby, Allie, who had cancer. Almost everyone I know followed her story--she touched a lot of lives. Allie died from cancer but her mom continues to blog. Unrelated to Allie, I met a family online whose daughter was born with the same birth defect as LC. It turns out they know Allie's mom and are friends with the family. Then I saw another poster talking about being friends with Allie's mom, so I told her I "knew" a friend of a friend. I now blog-stalk these three women. ;)

4. I re-connected with Teri whom I also knew via LC's birth defect. Now we can talk about crazy people and Magic Cream and all sorts of fun stuff together. :)

5. Recently I changed my screen name (which BC forced me to change again, I'm still going to try and get my new-old SN back) and added a siggie with the picture from our Christmas cards. I got a couple random e-mails from fellow Cyclone fans. In talking with one of them, she was roommates with friends of our from college and probably had met dh at some point. She had also gone to high school with a dad of one of EE's preschool classmates.

I'm not making this stuff up, people.

In other "Its a Small World" notes:

Like I've mentioned before, we recently moved. I found out that a classmate of mine lives nearby and has a daughter who will be in kindergarten with Emma.

Recently there was a news story out of our town of two police officers who rescued a guy from a burning car. The story made its way to CNN. I went to high school with one of the guys (actually went on a date with him at one point) and have run into him here in town a couple of times since then.

Stop on over at BC, you never know who you may "meet" online!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I just must have one of those faces that says, "Talk to me, I care." I had two items to purchase at Target and in the time it took to ring them up and pay, I found out that the nice cashier--we'll call her Betty since that was her name--was going to Fort Dodge to babysit her great grandchildren so her granddaughter and daughter could go to South Dakota to court. She's getting a divorce, you know (the granddaughter), and the father won't let the mom see the kids. He doesn't pay child support, either. And in Great-Grandma Betty's eyes that is reason enough for him to lose custody. Did I mention I learned all of this in about 5 minutes? And I care why? Just let me buy my things and get out!

Now, if you want to tell me how beautiful my children are or how well behaved they are or how smart they are, go right ahead. But I really don't care about your life. Thanks!

Quote of the Day

Last night we were sitting at supper and EE was dancing in her chair. She is notorious for waiting to go potty and doing a potty dance and us pretty much telling her "GO NOW!".

Me: "EE, do you need to go . . ."

EE: "Potty? No. I'm just dancing to the music in my head."

All righty then. As long as she's not hearing voices, I guess we're okay.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quote of the Day

Last night at supper dh was encouraging EE to eat her vegetables. She says to him, "Dad, why do you make my life so hard?"

His reply? "Its only just the beginning, you just wait." ;)

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Day in the Life

Today was one of those typical "mommy" days and I think, who wants to read this crap? I mean really, I dropped one kid off at preschool, went grocery shopping, went to WalMart, picked said kid up from preschool, put groceries away, and made lunch. Wow. Something probably 1.3 million moms do a day. I lured my readers in with funny, witty, creative posts and now you get this. Ha ha.

I hate grocery shopping--always have, always will. I meal plan for about two weeks, so I usually only do big shopping about . . . every two weeks. This was one of those big trips. And I hit the grocery store on re-stock day. Hate it when that happens, which means they are usually out of one or more things I wanted to get. But its done and we have food to eat. Now I actually have to cook that food.

EE seems to have grown out of all her shoes at once--that would be today, 5 minutes before we have to leave for preschool. I can't complain because both of my girls have very slow growing feet. EE has been wearing the same shoes I bought her for school in August, and since then she has moved up one size. LC also wears her shoes for a long time and has tiny feet. EE told me we should sell the shoes that she can't wear anymore at a garage sale this spring. Enterprising young lady, eh? I told her sorry, have to save them for little sis.

New shoes was the reason for the trip to WalMart. I also bought a new scale, which was a big mistake. I can no longer fool myself into thinking that I am lighter than I really am by using the 11 year old scale we got for our wedding. It was one of those where you get on/off about 6 times in a row and pick which weight you liked the best. I always tried to go for 3 out of 5--if I could get it to read the same weight three times, that's good for me. Now I have a more accurate scale and a more accurate look at how fat I really am. The good news is I am working on losing weight and know if I would've bought that thing Jan 1st I would've had a heart attack.

I did more exciting things this afternoon like reconcile 3 months worth of credit card receipts (while watching "Pretty in Pink"--bonus), watched some of Ellen and Oprah, and now need to think about supper. And I stepped on the scale again just to make sure it read the same as the last time I stepped on it 4 hours ago. (It did--wow!)

And because it is winter in Iowa, it is snowing again. Damn spring better hurry up soon before we all go crazy.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Why is it called "quick" bread if it takes 45 min to bake and 15 min to cool? That is not quick in my book, especially for food. Good thing dh sleeps in on Sunday mornings, this "breakfast" treat may be ready by lunchtime.


EE is a very bright kid for her age, but her emotional development is still at an age-appropriate level--or less. She can go from normal to an emotionally unstable, crying, irrational child in about two seconds. Of course it tends to happen more often when she is tired or overstimulated or is just having a bad day. Last night it happened out of the blue while brushing teeth. She had put on a microscopic amount of toothpaste on her sister's toothbrush and was happy with that. (I must say that usually she is not in charge of dolling out toothpaste, I happened to be in the kitchen for 5 seconds when this happened) LC was thinking she needed a little bit more, and I gave her just a tad more (so the poor child could at least see it). This set EE off and there's no getting her back. It was a rough bedtime from there on out and I'm hoping she'll sleep in today and be all better when she wakes up. I hope, I said. A mom can hope, right?

LC on the other hand is a little bit more stable emotionally. Granted, she did go through a period this fall where I was "that mom" with the screaming two-year old who couldn't be calmed by anything but at the moment she is pretty good. If she starts crying about something, you just tell her to go to her room until she is done. She will go to her room without protest, shut her door, and come out later saying "Happy now!"

Dh and I are already bracing ourselves for a rough time with EE during the teenage years. At least we'll have had 7-9 years of practice by then. Oy vey.


We live in a college town. It happens to be the same college where dh and I went to school (we met there, that story is for another post--stay tuned!), where both of my sisters went, where one of dh's brothers went, a couple of my cousins, my parents . . . you get the idea. We are proud to be Iowa State Cyclone fans. Yes, the athletic teams may not always be that great, but we have pride anyway. I was raised an Iowa State fan. My family is a little fanatic. We have ISU personalized license plates on one of our vehicles. We used to have a room with ISU wallpaper--somehow I think the people who bought the house in Minnesota probably didn't keep it up (sniff, sniff). To list everything ISU related we have would take too long and be too boring for the majority of you who could really care less, but believe me--its a lot. Right now at 8am on Sunday morning 3 out of 4 people in the family are wearing a piece of clothing with Cy on it (and we are all in our pj's still).

Living in Ames we are able to get to a lot more athletic events then when we lived 1 or 3 hours away (duh). In three weeks we will have gone to one men's basketball game (dh went with my parents where we beat Nebraska--I'm looking at you, Teri), three women's basketball games, two gymnastics meets, and a wrestling meet. Did I mention we were big ISU fans?

My girls have also been raised as little Cyclone fans from the get-go. I have a picture from my first baby shower where my mom is giving us an ISU sleeper for that yet-to-be-born Cyclone fan. By age two both of my girls knew that Cy rules and Herky (the mascot of the Iowa Hawkeyes) is bad--this is accompanied by raspberries and two thumbs down.

We were so excited about moving to Ames that this was our Christmas card this year:



Friday, February 22, 2008

Where did I go wrong?

I have been grooming my girls from day one to be shoppers. EE (that would be my oldest, learn it--its what I'll call her from now on) was at a mall when she was 5 days old, looking for that perfect "I'm in a wedding 1 week after I'm born, how hard do I really have to work to be cute?" dress. She was raised for 9 months at the mother of all malls--The Mall of America. Man, I miss living 15 minutes away from that place. Anyway, she's been to the mall with me LOTS of times. And LC (younger dd, again--learn it) may not have seen a mall as soon as EE, but now if you ask her where she wants to go after dropping EE off at preschool she will say "Mall!"

So where was all this shopping enthusiasm yesterday? I heard "I'm bored" too many times to count. We had whining, we had begging (by me--for them to be quiet and shop like good little girls), we had bribes, we had candy, we had cookies. We played at the play area. We walked through Build-a-Bear . . . twice. Yet my little shoppers were not on their best behavior yesterday. What do they think, that they are just 5 and 2.5? Oh, wait . . . they are.

After coming home, I had EE try on a few things that I got. To which she promptly told me, "Mom, you buy me too many things". Wish it was me and not you, honey!! Ungrateful brat. Just kidding. ;)

A couple of side notes:

1. I hate Easter. And Christmas for that fact. I hate trying to find something for the girls to wear because they are not "girly" girls. They don't wear gloves and hats and patent leather shoes. I hate spending the money on an outfit that they will wear once. I saw lots of things that would look cute on other people's kids, but not mine. I think my goal every year is to see just how little I can spend on their outfits and still get them coming out half-way cute. Right now my total is up to $9.81 cents spent and all I need to get yet are shoes for both of them. Yes, both of them will be clothed for that price. Its called hand-me-downs, people! :)

2. I also hate shopping without money to spend. Oh, look at those adorable new style of Crocs that are cute and I would love to have for spring! Oh, look at that super-cute handbag I need! Oh, look at that "must-have" line at Baby Gap that is done in big sunflowers and yellow and brown and would look ADORABLE on LC! Yeah, none of it will ever happen. Yet I continue to go to the mall and torture myself anyway.

Off to finish cleaning my house. If I'm feeling very generous I might actually shovel snow, too. Wow, what a life.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

And on the Eighth Day

God created shopping malls and discount stores named Target and big box retailers named Old Navy. And they shall all be in one place, and this place shall be good. Do not let cold temperatures keep you away, lest you become insane staying cooped up inside without any retail interaction. Drive forth to this place today, and find great sales. Let thy children play in the germ-infested play area and all will be happy. Eat and drink from thy offerings, for cookies and Starbucks is like manna from heaven. Gaze upon divine stores such as Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma, but do not enter as the devil has had his hand in pricing at these stores. Pray for those poor souls who do not have access to such places, thinking of them as you walk around in the climate controlled, sensory overloaded, money draining place that is Jordan Creek Mall and Shopping Area.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

To insanity . . . and beyond!

While I was unpacking boxes (yes, I did unpack a few this week) I cam across an old toy of dh's. Well, not that old--he got it in college. From his mom. Anyway, it is a Buzz Lightyear toy which says some of Buzz's famous movie quotes like "To infinity, and beyond!" The girls have had a grand time playing with the toy since it is novel. We all know the fun will wear off within the week. My older dd was getting ready for preschool this morning and I kept hearing her saying "To insanity, and beyond!" I guess that is closer than infinity in our house. It would make for a great blog title at the very least.

Let's talk about genes

No, not your favorite pair of long and leans from the Gap, people--that would be jeans. I'm talking genes--those tiny little things that can cause havoc for those of us not so gentically blessed. In a few areas both dh and I got the short end of the stick, and unfortunatley a lot of those "great" genes will be passed onto our lucky children. They will thank us later.

Eyes: both dh and I wear glasses/contacts pretty much every waking moment. I can't even stand to take a shower without my contacts in--I'm afraid I may end up using shaving cream for shampoo or something. I see glasses in our daughter's future. On the bright side, both dd's have inherited my obscenely long eyelashes. That is about the only good thing I had to contribute in the first place.

Teeth: again, braces are in the future. Ca-ching. I have one sister who has had like 1 cavity in 35 years and didn't have to have braces. Bitch. I look at sugar and holes form in my mouth.

Chest: I have dd's (that would be short for "dear daughters", not my cup size), so therefore I will only talk about my chest. Let's just say I was happy when they came out with a cup option of "Barely B". Remember that sister mentioned above? She wears an H. Yes, we came from the same biological parents. I actually don't envy her on that one. Somehow the genetic gods couldn't figure out how to split that part evenly and leave us both happy with a full C.

Bottom: Sir Mix a Lot could've been singing directly to me. Even when I was at my skinniest in jr. high/high school I still got called "Bubble Butt". My mom would make me prom dresses and we would cut a larger size for the bottom and a smaller size for the top. Part of the problem with that can also be explanined the the paragraph above. One of my poor dd's has inherited my behind, and my dh reminds me often that she will "thank" me for that later. Just like she will thank me for bad eyes and bad teeth.

Height: Dh and I are of just average height. Okay, maybe I'm a little below average. Fine, I'm short--are you happy? And due to some other genetic mishaps (we'll talk about those in another post) our youngest dd is destined to be short. Shorter than me, I'm afraid. Maybe she will fulfill my life-long dream of being a gymnast. I have another sister (who has cavities and a smaller than an H chest) who got the height. Six inches more than me. Again, where's the splitting everything evenly and ending up at 5'7 instead?

Hips/legs/feet: Between dh and I there are too many little things that could go wrong here. Inward rotating femurs (dh), can't sit crossed-legged (me), and bunions (me)--oh my.

Hair: dh has very thick, almost black hair. The kind that is so thick he has to get it thinned everytime he gets a haircut. Me, I'm at the exact opposite of the spectrum. I have thin, fine hair. And the color? Have you every seen a field mouse? Yeah, those ugly, brown grey things you find in your house around here (when you live in the country). That is the natural color of my hair. Gross. And if you remember anything from previous posts, I am cheap. I can't afford to get it colored but maybe twice a year. And I've had enough at home mishaps with color that I tend to stay away from that--the last time I tried to give myself highlights, my hair turned a lovely neon orange color. So older dd at least has pretty decent hair, I'm hoping it will turn a pretty color and be nice and thick when she is older. Younger dd? Yeah, again with the "thanks, Mom". At age 2.5 she is already losing what bit of blonde she may have been able to claim being born with. And she has a baby she-mullet. This girl has never had her haircut and this is what you get:


Business in the front, party in the back. Maybe she should go with this look for everyday--it says "Party All the Time!":

Sorry about the genes, girls--its all we had to work with!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What do you get?

What do you get when the builder sends someone to touch-up the missed paint spots on the wall? Free paint on your toilet, scale, tub, and tub tile! Bonus! All that plus I get to do the clean-up. What a deal!

Prisoner in my own home

I live in Iowa (no, not Idaho and no, not Ohio). This was a conscious choice we made, and sometimes I wonder about our sanity. Winter in Iowa, especially this winter, sucks. Spring in Iowa sometimes sucks (wind and cold temps). Summer in Iowa can suck (wind and humidity). And don't forget about the fall--it can suck, too (wind and cold temps). See a theme here?

In the past 4 years I have been housebound many times and you run out of things to keep you occupied, especially with small children who require constant entertainment. Now I realize if I had a job I would be able to get out of the house . . . to go to a job. Staying home and trying to entertain myself is more appealing than a job right now.

Take yesterday and today for example. Travel was not recommended across much of the state because instead of roads, we had ice skating rinks. School was cancelled. So what CAN you do inside in Iowa in the winter?

1. Clean the house. This is so much fun (enter dripping sarcasm here). You would think my house would be immaculate by this time, but somehow it gets messy again. Did I mention I hate to clean? People who enjoy cleaning are sadistic.

2. Unpack boxes. This is because we moved 2 1/2 months ago. We still have boxes to unpack. From the last time we moved 4 years ago. Yes, people, we moved fully packed boxes from Minnesota to Iowa to another place in Iowa. What is in these boxes? I don't know, I haven't unpacked them yet. I hate unpacking boxes.

3. Pretend you are like bears and hibernate for the afternoon. This only works if everyone else in the house is sleeping so you can get some sleep, too. Works best when you keep your pajamas on all day.

4. Read funny blogs. Wish yours were that funny. Wish someone actually read yours.

5. Shop online. But remember, I'm cheap so I just add things to my basket to pretend like I will actually be buying them. Try to think up schemes to make money so I can actually do some real shopping.

That should keep me busy for about a day. Then when I actually do get to go outside I get to do all sorts of fun things like get the oil changed, buy tampons, and return books to the library. All in 6 degree weather.

Wanna move to Iowa?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Disaster Averted

Pulled the bright blue chapstick out of the wash before it got thrown in the dryer (in the load of light/white clothes, of course). Phew. Oh, and I also caught the red sock before it went into the next load of lights/whites. I feel like I actually accomplished something today. Back to your regularly scheduled blog reading.

I can't hide anymore!

If you are coming from Teri's blog, welcome. She is much better at this whole blogging thing than I am--she has a few months on me. I do enjoy reading other people's blogs, so I hope you will find mine somewhat entertaining. Not many people (like no one else, since I haven't told anyone) know I've started blogging, but feel free to pass the word if you like what you see.

Some things you should know about me:

1. Like I mentioned before, I stay at home with my two kids. This was a choice I made, even after getting a master's degree and using it for a few years. I like to say I went to school for 6 years to change diapers. Even while I was working, I still had to change the occasional diaper--at least then I got paid to do that and sing silly preschool songs and eat snack and play outside. But I do like to stay home. Why? Because I am lazy. Most days I am up at 7:30am at the earliest, I stay in my pj's most of the day, and spend a little time on the computer. Okay, a lot of time on the computer.

2. I am cheap. I try to get hints on how to save money by reading a great Bargain Hunters board on BC. So far I've learned about Magic Cream, other people's imaginary dream houses, which Coach purse I should buy, and what are the cutest lines at Gymboree. How much money did I save from these tips? By my calculations, quite a bit because while I was wasting time on the computer reading these threads, I was not out shopping at Target. Money saved, right?

3. I , too, am a bad mommy. My kids eat junk food like french fries, candy, chips, and high fructose corn syrup (the horror!). This morning my youngest went to get a snack out of the cupboard before breakfast and she chose Golden Oreos. Who cares, the girl needs to gain some weight. My kids watch TV. I am actually proud at how much my 5 year old learns from TV, especially when she quotes commercials and says; "Mom, talk to me about sex". Gotta love it. Although I will say neither one of my children has yet pried something open with a steak knife--Teri wins that award. ;)

4. I like my family (for the most part) and actually get along with my IL's. I know, call me crazy. I talk to one of my parents at least every other day.

5. I don't really have any hobbies. I hate scrapbooking (never done it, think its a waste of money), I don't get crafty (I leave that to my sisters and SIL's who enjoy that crap), and I'm the word's worst photographer. I do like to read (mostly mindless chick lit) and make pretty cakes 2-3 times a year.

Wanna know more about me? You gotta ask. As for now, I have two girls running around in just underwear/diapers--I think I'd better go. When I left them they were fully dressed.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stolen from Teri:

1. ROCK STAR NAME:(first pet, current car) Dog Sienna (I don't remember the dog's name!)

2. GANGSTA NAME: (fav ice cream flavor, favorite type of shoe): Coffee Flipflop

3. NATIVE AMERICAN NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal): Pink Cat

4. SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born in): Marie Hampton

5. STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 of your first name) Moskr

6. SUPERHERO NAME: (The 2nd favorite color, favorite drink): Red Wine

7. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers): Clarence Edward

8. STRIPPER NAME: ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy): Amazing Grace Chocolate

10. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 4th grade teacher’s last name, a major city/State that starts with the same letter): Dohrmann Dallas

11. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower): Fall Iris

12. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now) Watermelon Yoga Pants

Hmmm, changes already?

I haven't decided if I like this template or not. I love me some polka dots, but the yellow and green is screaming "John Deere" to me. Believe me, I am one of the biggest JD fans there is because without those great and powerful green machines, my dad wouldn't make much of a living and wouldn't be able to loan us money and slip me C notes like he does. Don't be surprised if the look changes in the next few days. Or hours. Or minutes, it depends on how soon I am called away from the computer to create world peace (or keep two girls from waking Daddy on Sunday morning).

**If you were really reading, you would've learned something about my background. Yup, I'm a simple farm girl. Sorta.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My attempt at blogging

So I am usually the blog stalker, and not the blog writer. Someone who shall remain nameless (Teri--oops, did I say that out loud?) said I should start my own blog, so here I am. I'm sure for a while it will be pretty bland and boring until I figure out what I am doing. Don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed!