Monday, February 25, 2008

A Day in the Life

Today was one of those typical "mommy" days and I think, who wants to read this crap? I mean really, I dropped one kid off at preschool, went grocery shopping, went to WalMart, picked said kid up from preschool, put groceries away, and made lunch. Wow. Something probably 1.3 million moms do a day. I lured my readers in with funny, witty, creative posts and now you get this. Ha ha.

I hate grocery shopping--always have, always will. I meal plan for about two weeks, so I usually only do big shopping about . . . every two weeks. This was one of those big trips. And I hit the grocery store on re-stock day. Hate it when that happens, which means they are usually out of one or more things I wanted to get. But its done and we have food to eat. Now I actually have to cook that food.

EE seems to have grown out of all her shoes at once--that would be today, 5 minutes before we have to leave for preschool. I can't complain because both of my girls have very slow growing feet. EE has been wearing the same shoes I bought her for school in August, and since then she has moved up one size. LC also wears her shoes for a long time and has tiny feet. EE told me we should sell the shoes that she can't wear anymore at a garage sale this spring. Enterprising young lady, eh? I told her sorry, have to save them for little sis.

New shoes was the reason for the trip to WalMart. I also bought a new scale, which was a big mistake. I can no longer fool myself into thinking that I am lighter than I really am by using the 11 year old scale we got for our wedding. It was one of those where you get on/off about 6 times in a row and pick which weight you liked the best. I always tried to go for 3 out of 5--if I could get it to read the same weight three times, that's good for me. Now I have a more accurate scale and a more accurate look at how fat I really am. The good news is I am working on losing weight and know if I would've bought that thing Jan 1st I would've had a heart attack.

I did more exciting things this afternoon like reconcile 3 months worth of credit card receipts (while watching "Pretty in Pink"--bonus), watched some of Ellen and Oprah, and now need to think about supper. And I stepped on the scale again just to make sure it read the same as the last time I stepped on it 4 hours ago. (It did--wow!)

And because it is winter in Iowa, it is snowing again. Damn spring better hurry up soon before we all go crazy.

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Teri said...

I love Pretty in Pink! And yea for reconciling receipts, you put me to shame Kristyn.