Monday, February 18, 2008

I can't hide anymore!

If you are coming from Teri's blog, welcome. She is much better at this whole blogging thing than I am--she has a few months on me. I do enjoy reading other people's blogs, so I hope you will find mine somewhat entertaining. Not many people (like no one else, since I haven't told anyone) know I've started blogging, but feel free to pass the word if you like what you see.

Some things you should know about me:

1. Like I mentioned before, I stay at home with my two kids. This was a choice I made, even after getting a master's degree and using it for a few years. I like to say I went to school for 6 years to change diapers. Even while I was working, I still had to change the occasional diaper--at least then I got paid to do that and sing silly preschool songs and eat snack and play outside. But I do like to stay home. Why? Because I am lazy. Most days I am up at 7:30am at the earliest, I stay in my pj's most of the day, and spend a little time on the computer. Okay, a lot of time on the computer.

2. I am cheap. I try to get hints on how to save money by reading a great Bargain Hunters board on BC. So far I've learned about Magic Cream, other people's imaginary dream houses, which Coach purse I should buy, and what are the cutest lines at Gymboree. How much money did I save from these tips? By my calculations, quite a bit because while I was wasting time on the computer reading these threads, I was not out shopping at Target. Money saved, right?

3. I , too, am a bad mommy. My kids eat junk food like french fries, candy, chips, and high fructose corn syrup (the horror!). This morning my youngest went to get a snack out of the cupboard before breakfast and she chose Golden Oreos. Who cares, the girl needs to gain some weight. My kids watch TV. I am actually proud at how much my 5 year old learns from TV, especially when she quotes commercials and says; "Mom, talk to me about sex". Gotta love it. Although I will say neither one of my children has yet pried something open with a steak knife--Teri wins that award. ;)

4. I like my family (for the most part) and actually get along with my IL's. I know, call me crazy. I talk to one of my parents at least every other day.

5. I don't really have any hobbies. I hate scrapbooking (never done it, think its a waste of money), I don't get crafty (I leave that to my sisters and SIL's who enjoy that crap), and I'm the word's worst photographer. I do like to read (mostly mindless chick lit) and make pretty cakes 2-3 times a year.

Wanna know more about me? You gotta ask. As for now, I have two girls running around in just underwear/diapers--I think I'd better go. When I left them they were fully dressed.

1 comment:

Teri said...

Dressed is overrated, totally.

I'll you a secret... I'm so effing lazy it isn't even funny. Don't tell Radio.

Seriously, you should be a professional blogger. My brain is mush and I can no longer write a grammatically correct sentence.