Friday, February 29, 2008

Change in plans

Didn't EE realize I had things to get done today before she starting emptying her stomach contents early this am? I mean real important things. Like checking out a lead on a diaper deal at KMart (LC may actually be moving into size 5 diapers--woohoo!). Or going to the mall and returning that dress that cost me $9.18 (because I found different one at Target I liked better for 81 cents more so I splurged). And while I was at the mall I was going to pick out a few things at the Gap to get with birthday money (this better not be the year my parents and IL's decide to send flowers instead, I need new clothes damn it!). I had a few other pressing things as well, like getting me a tall skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks (or a grande after a night like that, but now that won't happen).

Now I get to stay home all day because I don't wish to share the joys of puking with other unsuspecting mothers. Did I mention that EE is now jumping off the slide, running around, and wanting to play on the computer? I think she feels pretty sick right now. Right. Let's just hope LC's breakfast stays right where it should--inside her tummy.

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Teri said...

Really, Starbucks should deliver.