Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday's fun, food and floods

Fun: The girls and I went to the library today. Fun, eh? Well at least it gets us out of the house. One of our neighbors was also there, so EE and a good friend played on the computer (which is the main reason EE likes to go to the library--playing on their computer is much more fun than her computer at home). Came home with some new books for the kids, DVD's to keep them entertained, and new CD's for them to groove to.

Food: Took a dreaded trip to the grocery store today. Let's see, wasn't I just there on Monday? Um, yes. And still managed to spend almost $200. I love the local grocery chain because the food is definitely cheaper there, the meat is top rate, and they bag and carry your groceries out to the car for you. The nice courtesy guy I had today was one I've had before, and he's very chatty and loves to share about her personal life (just love to hear strangers talk about themselves). First thing he tells me is, "All this food should last you a long time, huh? You just have two small kids, right?" Well, I meal-planned for a week but did throw some extras in so hopefully we can stretch it out to almost two weeks . . . but why should you care? The faster we eat it up the sooner I'll come back and the more I get to hear about your life. From previous trips I know he works at the grocery store and cleans McDonald's. Today I heard about his 4 kids who live with his wife. His 13 year old wears size 13 shoes--should I continue? WHY ME?? I guess I'm too nice to tell him to shut-up. And I'm also too nice to just ignore. On the good side, I caught a new person at the meat counter and he gave me my baby back ribs for $1.99 a lb--oops. They were $3.89 a lb, then they had a coupon for $2.99 a lb, and being a newbie he screwed something up so I saved myself about $5 and have enough ribs to grill at least two times. Mmmm, bbq baby back ribs on the grill. Yum.

Floods: I guess in my spare time this summer I'm supposed to be building an ark. Funny how I just watched Evan Almighty yesterday. We got some serious storms last night with lots-o-rain which means lots-o-flooding in our town. Thankfully our builder knows his stuff and our house stayed dry; the field behind our house, however, is now a pond. After the library and before the grocery store I was going to get the van washed. I was getting no where as the traffic was backed up and I heard helicopters so I immediately thought car accident. Sure enough, I saw lights up ahead so I turned to go to the grocery store and skip the car wash. Once at the grocery store I find out that the road was flooded, along with about 1/2 the town. Supposedly people were stranded in our new Super WalMart parking lot--how white trash is that? Glad I wasn't shopping there at the time. The golf course just a couple miles from our house is under water. Good times. The helicopter was actually the local news station flying around getting footage of all the water from above.

Grab your boats, watch out for lightning, and pray no tornadoes come through--its going to be a GREAT summer!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One last thing

Stay with me people, I promise this will be my last post for a few hours. (Four in 10 minutes is some kind of new record, right?) The reason that I am able to post so much is . . . . . . . dh is gone to WORK!! That's right folks, after 3 months of having him around 24/7 he has once again joined the working class. Yippee! For me, anyway--I have my computer back. ;) As for him, he probably is less than enthused to be driving 45 min each way to a job where the people are questionable, the pay is crappy, and he has no clue what he is doing.

Speaking of things that scare me

Tornadoes are right up there. Another thing that used to scare me was E.T. Yes, that loveable, funny-looking alien used to scare the be-jeebers out of me. I was convinced he lived in the grove of trees behind our house and was secretly waiting under my bed every night to grab my legs. Why I thought E.T. had turned mean (because in the movie he is so nice) is beyond me. I just remember jumping onto my bed every night from about three feet away.

I also remember seeing the movie in the theater. I was 7 years old and went with my friend, Jenny Schroeder. Her dad took us, and I remember when the "astronaut" guys come walking over the horizon near the end, he jumped about two feet out of his seat.

After the movie, my sisters and I were obsessed with all things E.T. I can't even tell you how many boxes of E.T. cereal we consumed to send in the box tops to get a cool record with Neil Diamond singing "Heartlight". I wonder where that thing is. How many more pounds of Reese's Pieces were consumed by each child after that movie as well? With all this love for E.T., I'm not quite sure where it all went wrong.

Now E.T. has been playing this past weekend on Nickelodeon. The girls decided that was what they wanted to watch before bed on Monday night--before that, they had only seen E.T. in comercials. So being the mean mom that I am, I still enforced their 9 pm bedtime which left the movie right when E.T. came back to life. Thankfully we have it on tape (yes, we still own a working VHS player) and its still playing on Nick every 3 hours. Now EE is a little obsessed with the movie. Just now she came out and asked me, "Why is Elliot letting all the frogs out?" Next thing you know she is going to want to build a phone to call home any aliens who may have left their children here. At least she's not scared like her mom!

Reason #429 why I don't like storms

I am not one of those crazy people who love it when it storms. Frankly, it scares the crap out of me. Wanna know why? For this reason: Click on any one of the six videos in the middle of the page. Not good.

Living in Iowa for all of my life, tornadoes have been a part that just comes with the "wonderful" weather we have here. The tornado drills start in preschool and you continue doing them all through high school. They sound the warning sirens the first Wednesday of every month just to make sure they work. Living here you just know tornadoes could--and do--happen all the time. Knowing that just scares me even more.

Like many people have said that were affected by the tornado that leveled more than half a town, you don't think it will happen to you. The town that is gone is only about 15 miles from where I grew up--I drove through the town many-a-time. Over 200 homes totally GONE--nothing left but splinters. Think about all the memories and momentoes you have in your house being spread out over two states. Seriously, last night on the news they were asking people in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois to send any debris that may have gone that far back to the town.

Seriously, it is just a little too much like Twister. In the movie, the storm chasers were waiting for the ever elusive F5 tornado. The one that went through Parkersburg was an EF5 (of course the weather service changed their rating scale, but same thing). There is like a 1/10th of 1% chance of these types of tornadoes happening. But they do. The thing I find most ironic is this tornado hit just about 20 miles from the house used at the end of the movie (it was in Eldora, IA).

The stories of survival from this tornado are amazing. The devastation is overwhelming. The community is pulling together and vowing to re-build. Now, let's not have any more tornadoes this spring, okay?

Super Spidey Senses

The other night some rumbles of thunder woke up EE. Her "thing" this spring has been to go sleep downstairs in the guest bed (with me, of course) where it is not as loud and bright during thunderstorms. I wasn't sleeping all that well, either, so we headed downstairs. About 5 stairs from the bottom she says, "I smell cat puke". Once we hit downstairs (where the cat's room is to the left, door cracked open) she says, "Wait, I see something." Mind you, it is 2 freaking am and the only light is coming from some night lights. Sure enough, we turn on the light in the room and the cat has tossed his supper on the floor. How the heck did she 1. Smell that from 10 ft away and 2. See it in the dark. Super Spidey Senses, I say. Is there any way we can market this freaksih talent?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Momentous Occasions

A couple of "big" things have happened around here lately. Momentous occasion #1: Our house is no longer Barbie-free. We happily lived a Barbieless life for 5 years; I don't think the girls ever really knew what/who Barbie was. Then EE got one for her birthday and life will never be the same. I am not a total Barbie hater; I grew up with many a Barbie. They had a lovely plastic house with blow-up furniture (we were too cheap to get the "real" Barbie mansion with actual furniture). Just like my sisters and I, Barbie wore homemade clothes. We had many hours of fun with Barbie, her friends, and accessories. I was just trying to hold off the Barbie phenomenon in our house as long as possible. Of course, as we are getting Barbie and her little sister (is that who that is?) out of her box, EE was already doing an underwear check. And she found out Barbie and sis like to go commando. That was silly (for a 5 year old). Barbie's clothes lasted about 3 hrs, then Barbie was naked (again, accompanied by giggles from the girls). What fun! I told dh to wait until EE was older and got a Ken doll. I remember what Ken and Barbie used to do when they thought they were alone! The girls have learned how frustrating Barbie's accessories are (damn shoes won't stay on, that's what you get for wearing perpetual heels) and I've been reminded once again how much I hate people with thin thighs, even "imaginary" people like Barbie. Skinny bitch.

Momentous occasion #2: I watched a movie for adults (not an adult movie, get your mind out of the gutter!) from start to finish with no interruptions. Well, except that one trip to the bathroom, but thankfully you can pause DVR. I can't even tell you the last time I watched a movie that wasn't appropriate for the girls from start to finish. Any guesses at what I watched? It involved a lot of f-bombs, bongs, and bellies. I think I'm the last woman on earth to see Knocked Up. The sad thing? Dh had watched it himself about 5 months ago. You know what is even sadder? I think the last movie I saw in a theater without kids in tow was a Lord of the Rings movie. I couldn't tell you which one, I just know I was pg at the time. I think I was pg with EE, too, so that would've made it more than 5 years ago. Yes, people, how sad is that. Dh and I haven't been to the movie theater together for more than 5 years. The last town we lived in (for 4 years) I never even stepped foot into the movie theater there. Dh had taken EE to a few movies, but I never went. Sad, sad, sad. I live a pretty pathetic life I tell you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Birthday Part Two

Photbucket has finally decided to act like its supposed to, so here are a few more pics from the big week last week. We ended up celebrating EE's birthday for over a week. Sheesh, I get one lousy day and the kids get a whole week plus. What is that all about?!

Here are the cupcakes I made for preschool last Monday. Ice cream, anyone? Your choice; chocolate, vanilla or strawberry:

The cake for her birthday (don't mind that the bottom layer resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa):

EE is already more altheltically inclined at 5 than I ever was. She can do a multitude of sports.
Golf (we're hoping she may be a female Tiger Woods)
Football (I didn't even know a lick about football until I was a football cheerleader in HS)
Scootering (I know its technically not a sport, but she enjoys it)

She is also an aspiring model. This was her "fashion star" pose:

This is how old she is now:

Mom promised EE a trip to Build-a-Bear for her birthday. She had also gotten a gift certificate to there as a gift (Thanks Kenny & Glenda!). I had wanted to go on her birthday, but there was no way that was happening with a sick kid and a party the next day. We finally went yesterday. She is now the proud owner of a Huskie dog named Blizzard who is a boy and wears pirate pj's.
(of course we went on the day when the "stuffer" was broken, so she got to stuff by hand)

Hubby's mom and sister and kids were able to come for the weekend and help us continue the celebrating. Here is a picture of the cousins on dh's side (oldest to youngest):

Home is where the heart is (I hope!)

Since LC was up with the sun this morning, I have some time to do a couple posts and maybe feel caught up (although I do think we need to invest in some room darkening shades for that girl!)

On the job-front, dh accepted an offer last week that will keep us here in our house. Remember that is what I hoped and prayed for? Well I hope this is the answer to our prayers since at the moment it doesn't seem quite like what I asked for. Yes, we get to stay where we are. That means staying in the house we love, keeping the friends I've met, sending EE to the school I wanted her to go, still seeing my family quite a bit, and being where we want to be. It also means dh took a big cut in salary, has a 45 min commute (one way--so at least 1.5 hrs on the road a day), and is doing something he isn't necessarily comfortable doing. Will that keep him happy? I sure hope so for a little while, otherwise I'm going to hear about it.

While all this is going on, I read a great post here. I started reading Tracey's blog when I "met" her on the babycenter Bargain Hunter's board (where all the action is at--ha!) and realized I "knew" some people she really knows IRL. Now she's one I visit daily.

I truly hope we will be happy with the decision we made. Although it was really hard to turn down so much money! We won't be able to afford to do anything staying where we wanted to stay. Fun, huh? But like I've always said, "We love it here!"

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Loula Belle!

Five years ago I became a mom for the first time. My life hasn't been the same since. My "baby" is now too grown up, and she's only getting older. She knows how to read, loves to tell knock-knock jokes, is better at sports than I am, and if we don't know something she says, "Mom, let's Google it!" (Do any other kids know what Google is?!) She has beautiful eyes and and a kind heart. Love ya, babe!

First born:

1st Birthday:

2nd Birthday:

3rd Birthday:
(Yes, she had two cakes that year--spoiled. She always has at least 2 cakes)

4th Birthday:

5th Birthday:
Pictures yet to come--they are on the camera still. Bad mommy.

The party with nine 5 year olds was crazy to say the least. Some of those girls were a piece of work! ;) Of course my girls were perfect angels. Dh was such a help as he stood back and continually told me "You've lost control." Thanks.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

In the Middle of Madness

What do you get when you have a sick kid for four days, a party for nine 5 year olds, a family party, and a house to clean? Just a little bit of mommy madness. I think I have everything under control. Really. It may look like a tornado just hit my house, but we're making progress.

I hate days like today where it is PERFECT outside and I really need to be inside getting things done. Its really a sin NOT to be outside. Where we live, these days are sometimes few and far between. So hopefully this afternoon we will have time to go to a playgroup/going away party (no, its not for us--more on that in a different post) for a little bit. And expose all the healthy children to my child who was death warmed over for 4 days. Don'tcha just love mommies like me?

I must now bow down to the Pancake Princes, Teri. I attempted to make EE special pancakes for her birthday this morning (more on that later, too--man, I'm going to be busy!). The lumpy, lopsided "E" and broken 5 ended up in the trash and she was perfectly happy eating circles. Teri, please come teach me how to make pancakes like yours before you leave the country!!

Okay, back to my chaos. Hope to update later with all those teasers.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I am now THAT mom

You know, the one you feel sorry for when you see her. The one who has a kid who pukes in public. Not once. Not twice. Let's hear it for three times! Yuck.

LC and I went to EE's preschool class for about an hour to help EE celebrate her birthday. Yes, I know her birthday isn't until Thursday but with 9 days of preschool and 7 kids with May or June birthdays, the days filled up quickly. LC was playing the other bigger girls and doing a pretty good job. Then she got a little overstimulated (hell, I was overstimulated and I used to teach preschool--that class was crazy today). She said her tummy hurt and was clingy. And then we had puke. Luckily not many of the bigger kids saw what happened, they were too busy eating their cupcake ice cream cones to notice. She yacked again right before we left. Poor thing. She had a 1.5 year puke-free streak going. Put her down for nap, she slept, and then EE was supposed to have a haircut. I figured I could drop EE off and sit with LC in the van. Of course in the two minutes we were waiting for the stylist, LC tosses it again. Always prepared (well, usually, anyway) I had a "puke bucket" for her, but it wasn't a pretty picture holding a barfer while trying to tell the cute, perky, young stylist how to cut EE's hair. I'm sure I will be a legend in that salon now. Great.

Now in my defense, I did cancel my hair appointment for this morning. Highlight, cut, and eyebrow wax. I was so looking forward to my appointment because I had an absolutely horrible hair day. Hopefully dh will be a sport and watch them tomorrow so I can go. And I should've probably cancelled EE's appointment, but I had no way to call them (dh has our one and only cell phone on his trip and we have no land line). Oh well.

So I've changed my clothes three times today. Fun times. Oh, and my tummy hurts, too. Where's my mommy?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

All in all, I had a pretty good Mother's Day. It started with breakfast in bed made by my two wonderful children (with much help from Grandma--and a few tears from EE who didn't want me to get out of bed--that would've ruined her plans). It ended with a few tears from EE (she says she hears funny noises from her monitor in her room). Yup, pretty much a typical day.

EE was being exceptionally helpful and polite today . . . for the most part. Part of her helping was changing LC's poopy diaper. Which prompted LC to think she could change her next one herself. Thanks girls, but maybe mom will keep doing that chore for just a little while longer. She wasn't being polite the 50 times I had to tell her and LC to leave each other alone.

I also played "super mom" and baked cupcakes for Emma's birthday celebration in preschool tomorrow. Pictures will have to come later, I can't get my computer to read my camera card at the moment. I'll tell you they look like ice cream but they are cupcakes. I cheated because I have actually made them before for LC's b-day, but they are cute so I made them again.

Here is my breakfast in bed:

Our whole family (minus 3 husbands, but who needs them anyway) went out to brunch today. Here is Grandma with her own three loving daughters and their beautiful/handsome offspring:

The grandchildren look a little better here:

(On a side note, my hair looks better in the photo of me just waking up then it does all gussied up for church/brunch. You see my beloved curling iron decided to stop working. This morning. And, to my defense, I am going in for a full Mother's Day make-over tomorrow--haircut, highlight, and eyebrow wax. Compliments of me. Sometimes you gotta do it for yourself, ladies)

As I was thinking about Mother's Day this weekend, I started thinking about all the neat moms whom I've met online (or at least blog-stalk, they may not know I exist). A day just wouldn't be complete without checking in on some of my favorite moms:

  • I just have to mention Jenn one more time. She is my major mom crush. Three adorable children, a crazy life, and a husband to boot. What more could you want?
  • Then there is Teri. Mother of 4 (one of them you read about here). Wife of a new AF member. Moving to Germany with said family with the AF. In a few weeks. Wow. Her kiddos tend to keep her on her toes at times. Maybe they will be perfect angels in a different country.
  • Cristin is a mom who has to put up with a lot of shit. Literally. Go read about the crap she has to put up with. Gotta admire a mom who lets it all out (or at least her kids do, she just gets to clean it up).
  • Remember when you were to post so I could send books to this mom? Amanda has a CDH angel who likes to watch over these young un's down here and also has two wonderful daughters.
  • Jes is another mom with a sweet CDH angel, Parker. Parker just celebrated her 2nd birthday and angel day this past week. Her amazing parents have started a foundation in her name and will soon have a house available for CDH parents to use while in the hospital. Simply amazing.
  • I don't personally know this mom, but Jenn does. Jenny and her daughter Allie became somewhat of a legend on the bulletin boards, so I first learned about them there. Allie is yet another angel, but her memory lives on through many people. Her amazing mom co-founded Heroes for Children, an organization which helps families dealing with cancer.

There are also a few moms I'd like to give props to who don't have their own blogs.

  • My younger sister kdotp (that is short for her nickname, don't ask). She may have had a hard time becoming a mom, but now she has wild-man G and baby-on-the-way. Today alone she was told "Boy, he is sure busy!" about a dozen times and said "Yup, I know!" with a smile a dozen times. Do you think she doesn't know her adorable little guy is crazy? Just kidding, he just has a lot of positive energy that he has to get out someway. And with red hair and gorgeous brown eyes, he can almost get away with anything.
  • My older sister, aka "The Other Sister". As a brand new mom 9 years ago she had to kick a cheating husband to the curb. She wasn't happy working with her college degree, so she went back and got her nursing degree. Even though at times she doesn't quite act her age (she is a self-proclaimed groupie of this band and sits in the front row of almost every show she can get to) she is a wicked-mad quilter. Yes, she quilts, as in what your great-grandmother used to do.
  • My friend Robyn whose life at times is a country song gone wrong. She is the mother to 5 children. Three of them are biologically hers, one is biologically her husband's, and one is part of the family none-the-less. Crazy things happen to Robyn, and I'm surprised she hasn't gone crazy trying to keep track of 5 kids.

There are many more mom's I'd like to give props to, but you all have probably quit reading by now. It is a busy week around here with EE's b-day so hopefully I'll be back soon with reports on all the activities.

Can you hear the crickets?

Its so quiet here that everyone can hear the crickets. The girls and I were gone for the weekend and I wasn't patient enough to wait around for my parents slow computer do to a post. I have one coming (and it could get sappy) for Mother's Day if I can get back on the computer tonight. I have 20 cupcakes waiting to be frosted for preschool tomorrow, two girls that want to eat (make that 3, I'm hungry too) and no clue what's for supper, a raging headache, and a whiny cat. Sounds like fun, eh? Just call it Motherhood.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Superstar Shout Out!

Shout out and a big Happy Birthday to Miss AJ who turned two on Sunday. I know I have mentioned her cooler-than-cool mom just a few times. AJ is one of the cutest CDH kiddos you will ever meet--hello blonde hair, blue eyes! She is also a superstar. She has graced newspaper ads, billboards, radio ads, the internet, had huge banners in her honor in the March of Dimes walk, and most recently was featured in a local magazine . Even though we haven't met the amazing Miller family in person, Jenn and I swear we would be friends IRL. ;) Maybe one day LC will be able to meet some other kids who have CDH. Until then, we will just blog-stalk them all!

Decisions, decisions

We aren't that good at making decisions around here. Neither one of us are the "this is it" type of personality. We hem, we haw, we sway either way. I seriously question how dh actually made the decision to ask me to marry him--he probably had a pro/con list going before he could decide. Think I'm joking? We sent out two different type of wedding invitations because we couldn't decide which ones we liked.

So, the job offers have started rolling in. He is also still interviewing and needs to hear back from some other people. As it stands today:

Option 1: Keeps us where we are, but dh would have a 45+ min commute each way. He would be working for a large company with a good reputation, but as an electrical engineer. Do you remember what dh is? A chemical engineer. I don't feel its a good fit but he would make it work. Three weeks vacation, 11 holidays, 2 personal days. The pay SUCKS. They are trying to entice him with a 10% sign on bonus and potential for a 14% end of the year bonus if all goals are met. Homey don't roll like that. The base needs to be higher. Period.

Option 2: Moves us a few states away. He would be doing consulting work with travel. He would actually be doing chemical engineering work. The pay? Almost tempting enough to pick up and move again. The base pay is 35K MORE than option #1. That's a cost of living increase + more. That's more along the lines of what someone with dh's experience should be getting in the field (doing a COL adjustment to where we live, it is still 18K more than option#1).

Seems like a no-brainer, right? Move and take the money. Well folks, it ain't that easy. We just moved 5 months ago. To move again would probably cost close to 30K. We would be moving the girls away from grandparents, some of whom they see almost once a week. There is the whole selling of the house thing--been there, done that, not wanting to do it again.

I was all up for moving (in my head, anyway). Dh grew up in Denver and loved his childhood there. There is lots to do, we have family there, it would be a great opportunity. Dh isn't as gung ho, even with the pay. He is willing to take option #1, try to make it work for a year or so, and then possibly start all over again. I don't know, We can't make decisions. Throw into the mix an interview today and the e-mail he got last week that said "We will know in two weeks if we have a project going through and if we do we would love to have you". The location would be the same as #1, but he could possibly get paid closer to where he should be. I know, I know--at least we are in the situation we are in. Many people looking for jobs right now would love to have our dilemma.

As for other decisions we've put off, it was time to go buy Emma a "big girl" bed. She's been sleeping on an air mattress on the floor for the past 3 years. We've surprisingly only gone through 2 different air mattresses--G, the one that died last week was the one you bought 3 years ago. I had a bunk bed set picked out at a local furniture store, but dh isn't sold on the bunk bed idea. We went to look at it last night and needed to make a decision. Well, they didn't have any in stock and it would be 6-8 weeks--if it was in the country. If the bunk beds hadn't jumped onto the slow-boat from China yet, it could be another month onto that. Can't really order bunk beds to come in 3 months if there is a slight, teeny possibility you won't be here. So we ended up getting her a mattress only. As she pointed out last night, she is technically still sleeping on the floor. Yes, sweetie, the big girl bed mom and dad have been promising you for two years now will come . . . . sometime.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm Rich!

Or at least I am more rich than I was yesterday morning at 7 am. And my house has a bit less junk in it than when we moved. While we were unpacking I put stuff aside for a garage sale, totally intending on having one myself. When someone in playgroup mentioned that they were having one and wondering if anyone wanted to put stuff on, I jumped at the chance. I actually had at least 3 boxes of crap that I tried to sell last year that I was "storing" in my parents garage in case a garage sale came up again.

I do feel a little guilty at how easy it all was. I had my stuff marked and dropped it off at the gal's house Friday afternoon. Two other people were bringing stuff as well, and they all got things set up. The garage sale started at 7am Saturday morning and I had my alarm set totally intending to get up and go over to help. Due to "unforeseen" circumstances I ended up in the guest room bed with EE around 3:30am and LC woke up around 7am. I finally got over to the garage sale around 10am. Oops. I left a little after 12pm to get the girls lunch ready and by the time I got back around 1:30pm, they had packed everything up already.

Things went well and I only came home with about a box and a half of stuff this time. Goodwill may be getting another nice donation from us.

Now what to do with my new-found riches? Finally get those highlights I desperately need? But some fun summer shoes? Get clothes for the girls? Put the money towards groceries and gas? I even offered to give half to dh to put towards a PlayStation 3 when he was complaining about the stuff I was selling (get real, dear, we really don't need to keep the dishes that we've had for 11 years that are cracking and burn you when you get them out of the microwave--some other person now has a lovely set of dishes and we have $8). All I know is my money will be gone sooner than I know it and I'll be wandering around the house trying to find more stuff to sell.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

More girly parts

As I mentioned in the last post, we try to be PC when talking about male and female body parts. That is if they are below the waist. What do girls (and boys) have above the waist? That's right, people, oobies!

I'm not quite sure how this word morphed at our house. Most of the time dh will refer to breasts as boobies, and when EE started saying it she left off the first "b". From that point on, she has always called them oobies. She was about 2.5 years old when LC was born and she got to see feeding how mother nature inteded. That was when LC wasn't hooked up to her feeding pump being fed through a tube down her nose, mother nature didn't intend for babies to have to be fed that way. (She didn't intend for them to have holes in their body parts, either, but things happen). Anyway, EE would often see the oobies at work and would even pretend to feed her baby dolls with her own oobies.

When you call them oobies, a bra logically becomes "oobie pads". That's what EE will say. And the other day before I put one of those on she says, "Mom, I really like your oobies". Gee, thanks sweetie. Then she says, "Do you want to know what my favorite part is?" No, not really, but I have a feeling I'm going to hear it anyway. "The circles on top." That's nice, honey, we won't go into that anatomy lesson for a few years.

Even though only 75% of the household has vaginas, we all apparently have oobies. If dh is bare-chested, EE will say "Daddy, I see your oobies!" Once again, what ever works.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gems from Ems

Ee is a queen of one-liners, which are usually not meant to be funny yet somehow dh and I crack up and can't keep a straight face. That just pisses her off and she tells us, "Stop laughing at me!"

So the past week or so she has been having issues with her panties. Maybe I need to buy her a bigger size or something because she is constantly pulling them out of her nether regions. (Not a very attractive habit on a girl). Last night she had her pull-up on already right before bed and had to pull it out from her girly parts. I asked what was going on and she exasperatedly told me, "Mom, they are stuck up there!" I asked why and she said, "Its like a magnet!" Yes, honey, it is, but let's hope that magnet doesn't start attracting men until you are 28 or so.

EE also gets lectured quite a bit on her attitude (you would swear she was a hormonal 12 year old most days) and showing her parents respect. Everyday. More than one time a day. Has all that lecturing sunk in yet? Appararently not. So once again I was telling her she better have a better attitude, yada yada yada, blah blah blah and she turns to me and says "Mom, I'm having a flashback." Gee, really? To me giving you this speech 6 hours ago? Where does she come up with this stuff?

She is also very bright and curious. We have taught her the semi-correct catch all phrase for female body parts below the waist (I realize you don't pee from your vagina, but it works for us). She has known that for awhile. We are a house that is 75% girls, so she doesn't get much exposure to boy parts. She has seen her two younger boy cousins' "junk" but hasn't asked too many questions. She knows boys pee standing up but girls haven't mastered that feat yet (most boys haven't either, I've heard). Dh was getting dressed and EE saw that his boxers had a hole in the front. She decided it was a peep hole and tried to get a look. After trying to fend her off and let her know that is not okay, she asked, "I just want to know what its called!" Of course dh and I react like good parents--we both fall into fits of laughter and try to change the subject (we try to be open and honest in our family, can you tell?) Finally dh says "Your mom will tell you" to which I answer, "I'll tell you before nap time." At nap time she is anxiously waiting by the edge of her bed for the great mystery to be revealed. I let her know that what boys have is called a penis. To which she says "Oh, I haven't heard of that before" and proceedes to become immediately more interested in something else--like trying to tie her feet together with a belt. Sex talk over, I think it went well. ;)