Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Home is where the heart is (I hope!)

Since LC was up with the sun this morning, I have some time to do a couple posts and maybe feel caught up (although I do think we need to invest in some room darkening shades for that girl!)

On the job-front, dh accepted an offer last week that will keep us here in our house. Remember that is what I hoped and prayed for? Well I hope this is the answer to our prayers since at the moment it doesn't seem quite like what I asked for. Yes, we get to stay where we are. That means staying in the house we love, keeping the friends I've met, sending EE to the school I wanted her to go, still seeing my family quite a bit, and being where we want to be. It also means dh took a big cut in salary, has a 45 min commute (one way--so at least 1.5 hrs on the road a day), and is doing something he isn't necessarily comfortable doing. Will that keep him happy? I sure hope so for a little while, otherwise I'm going to hear about it.

While all this is going on, I read a great post here. I started reading Tracey's blog when I "met" her on the babycenter Bargain Hunter's board (where all the action is at--ha!) and realized I "knew" some people she really knows IRL. Now she's one I visit daily.

I truly hope we will be happy with the decision we made. Although it was really hard to turn down so much money! We won't be able to afford to do anything staying where we wanted to stay. Fun, huh? But like I've always said, "We love it here!"


kdotp said...

I'm glad you guys made a decision, even if it wasn't very easy and will mean a lot of sacrifices. I know you'll make it work. You can always "borrow" my clothes (when I'm not pregnant, anyway) and you know M&D will always help out if you need it. Just think of all the free meals you can get out of them during football and basketball season!

Jenn M said...

Glad you get to stay home, but sad Dallas didn't get the nod!
Hoping the job turns out better than expected.

Teri said...

Yay for employment!