Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm Rich!

Or at least I am more rich than I was yesterday morning at 7 am. And my house has a bit less junk in it than when we moved. While we were unpacking I put stuff aside for a garage sale, totally intending on having one myself. When someone in playgroup mentioned that they were having one and wondering if anyone wanted to put stuff on, I jumped at the chance. I actually had at least 3 boxes of crap that I tried to sell last year that I was "storing" in my parents garage in case a garage sale came up again.

I do feel a little guilty at how easy it all was. I had my stuff marked and dropped it off at the gal's house Friday afternoon. Two other people were bringing stuff as well, and they all got things set up. The garage sale started at 7am Saturday morning and I had my alarm set totally intending to get up and go over to help. Due to "unforeseen" circumstances I ended up in the guest room bed with EE around 3:30am and LC woke up around 7am. I finally got over to the garage sale around 10am. Oops. I left a little after 12pm to get the girls lunch ready and by the time I got back around 1:30pm, they had packed everything up already.

Things went well and I only came home with about a box and a half of stuff this time. Goodwill may be getting another nice donation from us.

Now what to do with my new-found riches? Finally get those highlights I desperately need? But some fun summer shoes? Get clothes for the girls? Put the money towards groceries and gas? I even offered to give half to dh to put towards a PlayStation 3 when he was complaining about the stuff I was selling (get real, dear, we really don't need to keep the dishes that we've had for 11 years that are cracking and burn you when you get them out of the microwave--some other person now has a lovely set of dishes and we have $8). All I know is my money will be gone sooner than I know it and I'll be wandering around the house trying to find more stuff to sell.


Cristin said...

I love selling my old crap at yard sales! We had one last year and unloaded so much junk... I want to have another in the next few weeks...have fun spending your riches!

Anonymous said...

We are (and when I say we I really mean ME) are organizing stuff for a yard sale. I have so much stuff it's ridiculous. I have given tons of stuff (at least a few thousand dollars... no joke girl....) to friends and family but there is so much more!

We ( and again I mean ME) have stuff in grain bins, tobacco barns and anywhere else I can find space.

It won't happen this weekend but it will next weekend. I can see Ashley rolling his eyes now.

So, great place for shoes is I just placed another order there and they always have FREE overnight shipping!

Okay, back to work.....