Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Decisions, decisions

We aren't that good at making decisions around here. Neither one of us are the "this is it" type of personality. We hem, we haw, we sway either way. I seriously question how dh actually made the decision to ask me to marry him--he probably had a pro/con list going before he could decide. Think I'm joking? We sent out two different type of wedding invitations because we couldn't decide which ones we liked.

So, the job offers have started rolling in. He is also still interviewing and needs to hear back from some other people. As it stands today:

Option 1: Keeps us where we are, but dh would have a 45+ min commute each way. He would be working for a large company with a good reputation, but as an electrical engineer. Do you remember what dh is? A chemical engineer. I don't feel its a good fit but he would make it work. Three weeks vacation, 11 holidays, 2 personal days. The pay SUCKS. They are trying to entice him with a 10% sign on bonus and potential for a 14% end of the year bonus if all goals are met. Homey don't roll like that. The base needs to be higher. Period.

Option 2: Moves us a few states away. He would be doing consulting work with travel. He would actually be doing chemical engineering work. The pay? Almost tempting enough to pick up and move again. The base pay is 35K MORE than option #1. That's a cost of living increase + more. That's more along the lines of what someone with dh's experience should be getting in the field (doing a COL adjustment to where we live, it is still 18K more than option#1).

Seems like a no-brainer, right? Move and take the money. Well folks, it ain't that easy. We just moved 5 months ago. To move again would probably cost close to 30K. We would be moving the girls away from grandparents, some of whom they see almost once a week. There is the whole selling of the house thing--been there, done that, not wanting to do it again.

I was all up for moving (in my head, anyway). Dh grew up in Denver and loved his childhood there. There is lots to do, we have family there, it would be a great opportunity. Dh isn't as gung ho, even with the pay. He is willing to take option #1, try to make it work for a year or so, and then possibly start all over again. I don't know, We can't make decisions. Throw into the mix an interview today and the e-mail he got last week that said "We will know in two weeks if we have a project going through and if we do we would love to have you". The location would be the same as #1, but he could possibly get paid closer to where he should be. I know, I know--at least we are in the situation we are in. Many people looking for jobs right now would love to have our dilemma.

As for other decisions we've put off, it was time to go buy Emma a "big girl" bed. She's been sleeping on an air mattress on the floor for the past 3 years. We've surprisingly only gone through 2 different air mattresses--G, the one that died last week was the one you bought 3 years ago. I had a bunk bed set picked out at a local furniture store, but dh isn't sold on the bunk bed idea. We went to look at it last night and needed to make a decision. Well, they didn't have any in stock and it would be 6-8 weeks--if it was in the country. If the bunk beds hadn't jumped onto the slow-boat from China yet, it could be another month onto that. Can't really order bunk beds to come in 3 months if there is a slight, teeny possibility you won't be here. So we ended up getting her a mattress only. As she pointed out last night, she is technically still sleeping on the floor. Yes, sweetie, the big girl bed mom and dad have been promising you for two years now will come . . . . sometime.


kdotp said...

Well, you know we would love for you to be able stay where you are, and Mom and Dad would definitely love for you to stay where you are. Hopefully option #3 (the still-pending project) will pan out. And then J can get N a job at JD. :D

Glenda said...

Someday, if she has a real bed, I could make her a quilt for it.......Just dropped K. off the airport for the weekend of fun w/the fam, trash talk and golfing.