Wednesday, February 20, 2008

To insanity . . . and beyond!

While I was unpacking boxes (yes, I did unpack a few this week) I cam across an old toy of dh's. Well, not that old--he got it in college. From his mom. Anyway, it is a Buzz Lightyear toy which says some of Buzz's famous movie quotes like "To infinity, and beyond!" The girls have had a grand time playing with the toy since it is novel. We all know the fun will wear off within the week. My older dd was getting ready for preschool this morning and I kept hearing her saying "To insanity, and beyond!" I guess that is closer than infinity in our house. It would make for a great blog title at the very least.


AFRo said...

I'm using this in conversation for at least the next 24 hours. My boys will appreciate it.

Thanks for the laugh!

Teri said...

When you said "toys" and "DH", I got slightly concerned. Thanks so much for clearing it up! E is so freaking cute.