Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm with the band

Yes, I admit it. I am a band geek. I started playing a musical instrument in the 5th grade and played all the way through college. Our high school had a kick-ass concert band (not so much of a marching band, but oh well). My sisters and I were all somewhat musically talented, me somewhere in the middle. If it wasn't for damn Corky Heilskov playing the same instrument as me I may have actually made first chair in band a year or two.

When I went to Iowa State as a freshman, I decided to join the marching band. My older sister had done it, and it was one of the very few things she did that I viewed as "cool". Were it not for the ISUCF"V"MB (you gotta be an insider to follow that one) I wouldn't have met dh. It was a love story on the marching field. We played the same instrument and were in the same rank (row--we marched by each other). I met him before my freshman year started during pre-season band camp and married the lucky guy 4 years later.

Dh is an even bigger band geek than me. His HS had an awesome marching band, and he was drum major his senior year. Their band has gone places like Washington DC (he got to put a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soilder), Hollywood Bowl parade, Disney, etc etc. He was also in All State Jazz Band. Cool sax playing guy. He was drum major of the Iowa State marching band for two years.

We come from band families. Although our parents weren't really in the band as much, all our siblings were. Here's a quick run down:

Dh's older brother: HS marching band drum major, college marching band drum major, met his wife in marching band

Dh: already told you about him

Dh's younger brother: HS marching band (the director didn't want him to be drum major his senior year because they needed him to play lead trumpet), college marching band drum major at ISU like dh, met his wife in marching band

Dh's younger sister: HS band, flag corp in college marching band, and although she didn't meet her dh in marching band, he played in the same HS band as dh and all siblings and was also in college marching band

My older sister: HS band, college marching band at ISU (didn't meet her dh in marching band--maybe she should've)

Me: told you

My younger sister: HS band, college marching band at ISU (also didn't meet her dh in marching band but at a bar instead, just about the same thing)

Do you think our girls might be in the band?

All of this was brought on by EE. She was looking through dh's old CD's and tapes (yes, people--actual tapes. We may have them sent to the Smithsonian someday to document what technology was like in the 90's) and came across some band tapes/CD's. We are listening to one right now per EE's request.

And dh had a serious sentence the other night that started, "Well you see, this one time at band camp . . . "


kdotp said...

Even though I was only in ISUCF"V"MB one year, I think it was some of the most fun I had during college, and you know I had a *lot* of fun during college.

Teri said...

Lol, this one time... at band camp.... That's funny stuff there Kristyn. Radio played alto sax in HS but not in college. He kind of had too as there were only 13 or so people in his class.

Did I tell ever tell you I had a boyfriend at ISU? It was right before I met Radio. He lived in the gigantic dorm that was across the road from college town. I got lost trying to find his room. We put that bell tower myth to rest ;)

kmm0305 said...

It wasn't my dh, was it? ;) He probably wasn't living in that dorm anymore by then. I'm surprised the campanile is still intact--we used to do that every year on Valentine's Day. And we got engaged under the campanile at midnight. How romantic, eh? :)

kdotp--how can you not have fun in the band? ;) Craving any Hairy Buffalo lately?