Sunday, March 30, 2008


Don't be alarmed if everytime you come back this week things look a little different. I'm not sure how I want things to look, so I'm doing some experimenting. Its kinda like trying on clothes (which EE does about 4 times a day now) and I'm not sure which outfit looks the best.

Right now I'm in a green mood. I ordered some new clothes from Old Navy and I think 50% of them are a shade of green. Not sure why. Must be a spring thing.

And I'm not sure why I picked the golf picture, it was something dh took (bonus points to the first person who can identify the course) and it matched the green. I like golf; dh lives and breathes golf. I didn't learn how to play until grad school, and I've still never played on a regular course for 18 holes. There is no way in hell dh will golf with me, I suck too bad. But I think its fun. Now if only dh were as good as Tiger, we'd be set.

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kdotp said...

Well, I know where the course is, but I also Photoshopped that guy out for you last year. :p

Green, huh? Nice change from the pink you've been sporting for the last, oh, 10 years.