Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Slumber Party

I guess you could say we had a slumber party last night. No, it wasn't pre-pubescent girls giggling all night over who has kissed whom, painting nails and eating junk food. It was me on the couch cushions on the floor, EE on the couch with garbage can nearby, and LC on the floor beside me. What fun!

EE woke up around 12:30 am again puking. The girl has some good aim, I'll give her that much--she's hit the correct target about 6 out of 7 times. Saves on the laundry. Brought her downstairs and watched some shows I had recorded (gotta love DVR!!). I don't know what time LC started fussing around, but she came and joined the party, too. At least she wasn't hurling, just restless. We all slept in until 8:15 am or so.

I called the Dr. to see if they would be concerned with EE's symptoms at all, but the nurse said they have been seeing a lot of this--and to expect it to happen at least one more time. Great. Then I suppose we'll get EE all done with it and then LC will start up. She's not as good as aim if I remember right.

We are making a nice donation to EE's preschool this month. She was out last Friday sick, Monday school was cancelled due to weather, sick on Wednesday, no school next Monday or Friday due to conferences, no school around the middle week of March due to Spring Break, and at least Good Friday and the Monday after Easter off. I think we are paying about $23 a day this month--she better be doing some kick-ass work those days for $23.

I sent dh off to see a mindless movie tonight. He hates going to the movies alone, but he wants to see "Semi-Pro" and he could use a good laugh. I guess its become a tradition to go see a Will Ferrell movie after he gets canned. Last time we went to see "Old School".


Teri said...

That's a good tradition to have, I like mindless movies.

EE must be a freaking genius. That, or my kids are dumb as rocks. They can't aim right to save their lives.

So, how're you holding up?

Jenn M said...

I hope the sick is gone soon and that LC doesn't get it.

Your b-day sounds great, I'm glad, you deserve it!

kdotp said...

I'm beginning to wonder if this party is a good idea; G was up again puking last night.