Monday, August 10, 2009

Laughs by Leah

Leah has always been the comedian of the family. Yesterday we spent a long day inside together as it rained most of the day. There was quite a bit of thunder and lightning--we've told the girls that it is just God bowling that makes all that noise. So they had to come up with an explanation of the rain (must be God sweating) and wondered who was winning, God or Jesus. And of course Leah asked the all important question of, "Does God have bowling shoes?"

Later Emma was in her room and saw a large flash of lightning. She came out with a look of wonder on her face and was like, "That was the biggest lightning I EVER SAW!" Leah was quick to correct her grammar--"No, SEEN!" Nothing like learning incorrect grammar from your younger sister. ;)

At supper we were watching Shrek the Third and one of the characters called himself a loser. Leah sort of gasped and said, "You should never say loser, that's not good."

More on Leah tomorrow as I reminisce about her birthday. We're hoping to avoid all Dr.'s offices, ambulances, and hospitals tomorrow. Been there, done that . . . twice.

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Jenn M said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Leah! Hope you have a fantastic day!
The Millers