Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ice, ice baby

Because the winter hasn't been bad enough, Mother Nature thought we needed a good ice storm. Yesterday there was no school (yet AGAIN) and hubby stayed home and worked from here. Thankfully we never lost power like a lot of people in other towns did.

The one good thing about living in a new development with small trees is there is little/no trees falling onto houses. ;) Big, old trees are nice--the shade, the look, but in the fall with all the leaves and then in the winter when 1/2 inch of ice covers and topples them over they are not so nice.

The town where we used to live was the "bullseye" of this storm--up to 1 inch of ice coating everything over there. Yuck.

School was 2 hrs late today. I had to take the cat into the vet this am (whole other post, but he is sick) and the girls had to come with me. I drove fairly cautiously there and back and turning into our development the turn lane was still ice and I did a lovely 180. Thankfully there weren't any cars close and we were going slow to begin with.

The driveway that is the bus stop was all ice. Yes, the kids think it is great fun to slide on the driveway but we warn Emma every time not to play around. For one, she has already broken her collarbone (in an unrelated, non-ice accident a few years ago) and don't want any more broken bones. And secondly, when we lived in Minnesota a neighbor girl was killed in a bus accident. She thought she had missed her bus leaving school (she hadn't) and ran after the bus. She slipped on snow/ice and fell under a moving bus. :( I may have looked like an over cautious mother standing outside for 10 min this morning waiting with the kids for the bus and telling them "don't slide down the driveway" or "don't hang onto each other--if one falls, all of you will fall" but accidents do happen. I'd rather be the mean, no-fun mom telling the kids to stop playing around than be a witness to someone falling and getting hurt.