Thursday, February 11, 2010

4 1/2

See that? That is the face of a girl who is four and a HALF today. We don't tend to make a big deal out of half-birthdays, but when you have a summer birthday the one way to get a celebration in school is to do it on your half birthday. Yesterday I brought in treats for her class, she got a birthday hat and they sang to her, and she got a little goodie bag from the teachers. Even Emma made her a construction paper cake at school and a friend of Emma's (named Emma, imagine that) made Leah a picture with four and a half hearts on it. They wrapped them up so Leah would have a present to open.

This morning she comes into my room and declares proudly, "I'm taller now!" (Looking at herself in the mirror) "See?! I'm taller now! And I'm never going to cry ever again! I'm a big girl!" We'll see how long that lasts. I give it to 4 1/2 and a few days. ;) On the agenda for her half-birthday: Watch "Horton Hears a Who" and about 3 other movies she wants to watch, play with the play dough she got in her goodie bag, and play Webkinz because one of her pets is Pet of the Month.

Today is a crazy baking day for me. After doing mini cupcakes for Leah's half-birthday treats earlier this week, today I get to make 2 dozen cupcakes (an order from a friend), 3 dozen rice crispy treat hearts on a stick, and a dozen or so ginger heart-shaped cookies for teacher gifts. What the heck am I doing on the computer?!

Oh, and happy 34 11/12th + one week birthday to me. ;)


Mom on the Run said...

What a cutie!

How fun to get to decorate the Kappa House! I am sooo jealous. The house board redecorated the girls' house last year and it's gorgeous. Their house is the newest on campus and it took them a long time to get the money, so the first look was "undecorated". I have no clue what our house looks like now....haven't been there for years. The Nebraska Alpha Xi Delta chapter redecorated their house a couple of years ago and they used to have the pictures on their website (my cousin's wife was VP)...I think that it's one of the most beautiful houses at Nebraska and the re-do makes it doubly so. Wow, how fun!

Cristin said...

awwww... Happy Half Birthday Sweetie!

Dottie and I watched Horton this morning... so good.