Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quiet House

We had to make the hard decision yesterday to put the cat to sleep. After he was diagnosed with renal failure, he seemed to improve a little with extra fluids everyday but he still didn't eat. We tried everything we could to try and get him to eat, but he just had no interest. By the last day or so he was moving very slowly and also was having labored breathing. It was the best thing we could do for him, although it wasn't easy. Of course I was the one who got to take him in the last time.

The girls have done very well with all of it. Once we knew he was sick and that he may not get better, I had checked some books out at the library about having a pet die. Emma knew when she went to school yesterday that we would be taking him in to be put to sleep. Leah was with me (she stayed in the van) but I'm not sure how much she really understood about what was going on. One of the things the vet offers is to have a clay pot with his paw print in it, so I did have them do that so the girls had something to remember him by. Although I'm sure we will remember him everytime we find cat hair (which would probably be everywhere), find a lost whisker, or see the lovely spot on the steps where he thought it was his personal scratching post.

Now the house is very quiet. Rest in peace, Elway, you are missed.