Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If You Give a Mom a Tuesday

If you give a Mom a Tuesday, she will think it is a good day to clean
So she will start in her room, where there is a pile of kids' schoolwork
This will remind her that she bought a tote to put kids' schoolwork in,
So she sorts through 3 years of kids schoolwork.

Picking up the schoolwork from the dresser will reveal a big pile of dust,
So she will really dust this time.
Dusting reminds her that she should also mop the floors, because it has been about as long since she mopped, too.

Before she can mop in the bathroom, she will clean out the bathtub
And while in the bathtub cleaning out dust and hair, she will randomly think about a stock they own
She remembers her Dad has the same stock, so she will call him to see if he knew about the stock split.
Good thing she can multitask and still clean toilets while talking on the phone.

After she is off the phone and finally mops in the bathroom, she decides she should mop the entryway, too
Before mopping the entryway, she will vacuum the rugs.
While vacuuming, she will notice a musty smell coming from the vacuum that she last used to vacuum wet pull-up insides from the washing machine
She will take the vacuum apart and try to clean the moldy pull-up insides from the hose with a screwdriver, a paper towel, a Clorox wipe and a kabob stick

Thinking about the vacuum reminds her that she got the vacuum for Mother's Day one year
She starts to think about Mother's Day and how lame it would be to ask for a steam mop
But she really wants one so she won't have to mop with a bucket of water anymore.

Thinking of mopping will remind her that she needs to clean the toilets because she put cleaner in there then mopped in the bathrooms so the floors were too wet
While working through housework ADHD she will think that this may make a funny blog post

And not wanting to forget a blog post idea, she will go downstairs to the computer
While typing out her blog post she will remember that she really wanted to get the house cleaned on Tuesday because the rest of the week is busy

And if you give a Mom a Tuesday she will think it is a great day to clean . . .


TJ said...

Very cute and creative!

Kari said...

That sounds about right. :)

Amanda said...


Jenn M said...

Genius! We took three of those books to the hospital, not because they are AJ's favs, but because they are mine!
We are so supossed live closer and be bffs! I'm not moving there though, WAY too cold...y'all should head here ;-)

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