Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Groundhog Day

This winter seriously feels like a bad Bill Murray movie on repeat. We have now had 7 snow days (I think, I seriously don't keep track) and multiple early release/late starts. Just this week it was Monday--dismiss at 11am (apparently the back end of Emma's bus slid into a "ditch" somewhere in town and they had to move everyone to the back of the bus to put weight back there), Tuesday--no school, although it never did get as bad as predicted and they probably could've gone for at least a few hours, Wednesday--2 hr late start. And it is just Wednesday.

It is a problem with all the local schools, and they are trying to decide how to make-up those days. We will now be going until Tuesday, June 8th. We were sent a survey to see if parents would want to do a few weeks of an extra 30 min or 1 hr tacked onto the school day. It takes about 5.5 student hours to make one day, so we could maybe make up one or two days that way. I'm not really all for the extra hour because as it is Emma gets on the bus at 7:20am and gets home at 3:50pm. An extra hour would put her home at 5pm--that is a long day for a 6 year old. They've already said they won't take Spring Break days (we get the whole week off) since families and teachers have already made plans.

The kicker is we potentially have the snowiest month ahead of us--we've gotten 26 inches of snow in late Feb to March before so who says there aren't more snow days to come. In a typical winter we have about 20 inches of snow to this point. Right now were over 50 inches. Guess what is predicted for Saturday? Yup, another 4-6" of snow. Repeat ad nauseum.