Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our funniest home videos

Remember how one of my New Year's resolutions was to take more pictures and videos of the kids? I may not be quite as proficient at this as Cristin just yet, but I'm getting there. And in the meantime, the girls love watching any old video clips of them on the computer. This has been a favorite recently:

The girls love Leah's request at the end--enough of this waiting around and blowing out trick candles thing, give me my cookie!! And I love Emma's nervous laugh when the candle keeps re-lighting.

As I was looking at video clips from then the girls were babies, I came across this one of Leah:

She had just turned two weeks old, which meant she had just come off the ventilator a few days before. Seeing that fast breathing and her pectus (sunken chest) reminded me of just how far we have come. (Just ignore what I am doing--it was routine cares time.) To me that doesn't even seem like the same girl who is now doing this:

Ignore the furry creature that crosses the frame--he has to be everywhere. And sorry if you get neck strain from looking at it sideways. ;)


TJ said...

Very cute. I don't take nearly as many videos as photos. :(


Cristin said...

I thought maybe I was annoying with all the videos of the kids... but I really LOVED watching yours!!

Leah cracked me up at the end of that first one... and watching her in the NICU.... Graham never did that fast breathing that we were warned about..... It's amazing how far they've come...

Jenn M said...

Love these! I've never watched any of the video from AJ's NICU days, the pictures are plenty for me still. Someday!

Anonymous said...

Love the videos.... The one of Leah in in the NICU made me cry. She has come so far. It's amazing what CDH babies can overcome isn't it.

Thanks for sharing!