Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Almost done!

Even though there are three days left of school for Emma, I don't think much is getting done. Today was "fun in the sun" day, so they could wear their swimsuits, bring towels and beach paraphernalia and must've had some games planned. Too bad it is 60 degrees and raining. :(

Tomorrow is Emma's presentation for her Project Go reading enrichment group on the Gold Rush. She wants me to take her to school (a first all year!) and I'll help her get into "costume". We spent $1.50 on a yard of fabric so my mom could make her a long skirt and we fixed an old apron I had so she could wear that over her skirt to look like she lives in the 1840's. I'm pretty sure they had Gap glitter flip flops back then, because that is what she has for footwear at the moment. I'll stay at school and help her teacher pack up toys and things while the kids get to watch a movie and eat popcorn.

Thursday is the last day of school which includes make your own sundaes. That reminds me, I need to add Gummi Bears to my shopping list--that is our contribution to the sugar high they will send the kids home with. It is hard to think back to that first day that we put her on the bus and went in to listen to the teacher read "The Kissing Hand" to the class.

Emma also has a softball game on Thursday night. so after softball I will take the girls to Hickory Park for a celebratory dinner and ice cream. Hubby's long-awaited guy's golf trip happened to fall on this last week of school (since last week was supposed to be the last week--gotta love those snow days!) so he is missing out on all the fun.


call me Laura said...

Rob got a call about Barry Sat. afternoon. I think a memorial service is in the works. So sudden, we had just seen and talked with him on Monday!

KAS said...

Remember when the last day of school meant sack lunches outside and having a paper fight on the bus ride home?

Cristin said...

sounds like a fun way to end the school year!

Graham has his graduation this Friday but they still have another 3 weeks of school to go!

Jillian, Inc said...

Oh, what I wouldn't give for a Saucey Southerner from Hickory Park right now. Whenever we go to Iowa we make a point of eating there....**swoon**. And I can't believe how big the place is now compared to the size it was when I was in college. Thanks, too, for commenting on my 5 Summer Things post. Let me tell you - the sweetcorn here holds NOTHING to the corn from Iowa. It's been ages since I've been to the Iowa State Fair and actually have that on my list to do "some day" when my son is a little bit older and can remember. He MUST see all those big pigs and the butter cow...or whatever it is these days. I was the Iowa State Fair Queen waaaaaaay back in the 80's (and of course I had to win County Fair Queen to compete for State Fair). My husband kids me about doing the Corn Queen Beauty Circuit. ha!