Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I took the girls to an event last Sunday called "Spirits in the Garden". There is a local garden affiliated with the university that we love to visit, and for the event they had games, crafts, snacks, and trick-or-treating with various mascots. Here are the girls after navigating the hay maze.
Our local Harley Davidson shop has a mascot named Chopper. Emma just liked him because he was a dog. ;)
This woodland fairy was Leah's favorite. Emma didn't like her because she had a tail. She actually creeped me out a bit, too.

Last year when it came time to carve pumkins I pulled out a kit I had bought years ago at 50% after Halloween. It had a book full of patterns and last year we did a spider and a cute jack-o-lantern winking. Don't ask me why, but I decided to do the fancy pumpkins again this year. It was in no way a child participation activity. Emma had already said she didn't want to take out the guts, so I started while she was at school and Leah was napping. Halfway through I was calling myself all kinds of crazy for doing these. Although I will admit they turned out pretty cute. I mean spooky and scary.

Emma hasn't really had a costume with full make up, unless you count the year I tried to paint her face green to be Yoda. I pulled her hair back and spray painted it black, then did her face white and added the widow's peak and eyebrows in black. The finishing touch was blood dripping from her mouth. She loved the final look and couldn't pass a shiny surface in the house without looking at herself. There was much posing:
When I was in a seasonal costume shop at the mall, I was asking if they had fangs that would fit a child. I bought some fangs for Emma that are too big and was hoping to find something smaller. I tell the high-school aged girl that my daughter is going to be a vampire and she says, "Oh, that's cool. So does she like Twilight and stuff?" Um, no. She is six and a half and has no clue who Edward and Bella are. Besides, she looks nothing like Edward, does she?
(I still haven't seen the movie--the DVD has been sitting in a drawer for the past six or seven months)

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Bad Mommy said...

Yeah 6 years old should probably NOT know why Edward is.

LOVE Abby Cadaby. :)