Tuesday, October 13, 2009


  • Yesterday I was out shopping at Target (imagine that!) while the girls were in school and I got a phone call. "Hi, this is Kris from the office and we were just calling to see how Emma was feeling today." Ummm, isn't she there? You tell me?! It turns out that with three Emma's in the class, the wrong Emma (mine) had been marked absent. Since Emma was out sick a few weeks ago, they thought maybe she wasn't feeling good again. I thought maybe they were calling to check up on sick kids to see what their symptoms were since there is H1N1 in the school, but they probably called since I hadn't called/e-mailed. Usually they know ahead of time if Emma would be gone. She did call down to Emma's classroom to make sure she was indeed in class. Right where I thought she was.
  • Speaking of H1N1, this article has me just a tad bit on edge. It seems that H1N1 itself is bad, but the secondary infections people get with it are what knock them down. Even before this fact came to light, Leah's pediatrician said his only concern for her this winter would be if she would get pneumonia. Great.
  • You know how in 2012 the world is going to end? (According to the movies and the Mayans anyway) Well, it seems that it is starting early. I mean look at all these natural disasters happening all over the world, now H1N1 and other deadly diseases. And snow on October 10th? Craziness! Our high temps right now aren't even getting out of the normal range for average LOWS. Last year on Halloween it was about 80 degrees. I'm a little scared to think about this year.
  • As for Halloween, I think we have the costumes figured out. They are semi-homemade this year. Leah is going as Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street. I bought a headband that has her "hair" and her wand off e-bay, she'll wear her tutu from her birthday (I'm adding in some blue) and then a blue tank top over a pink turtleneck and leggings and she's good to go.
  • Emma is going to be a vampire. I got a cape from JoAnn's along with fake teeth and some make-up. I told her she could wear that with black pants and a white shirt, and she said she wanted a black and white striped vest (I think she had seen that on other vampire costumes we were looking at online). My mom is coming this weekend so we'll whip up a vest. I didn't tell Emma I bought her some fake blood and black hair paint yesterday.
  • After finding some mouse poop in the storeroom, we set up a bunch of traps inside and outside. We haven't caught or seen any more evidence from our furry friend inside, so I imagine he is dead and rotting somewhere among the boxes in there (gross, I know--I'm not looking forward to finding him someday). We have caught a few outside. What do you expect, we live yards away from a bean field.


Jessica Hislop said...

Seriously what is up? Jake had 13 kids out of 25 out sick in his class yesterday. He is home sick today...

Cristin said...

I bought Dottie a Red Riding Hood costume, last year at Target on clearance... now she tells me she wants to be a Wild Thing... no way I can pull that off. I'm just not crafty in the least.

Bad Mommy said...

I'm crossing all of my fingers and toes that Leah doesn't get the flu. :(

It sucked, I'm not gonna lie. Don't have to tell me twice how scary pneumonia can be with a CDH kid.