Thursday, July 24, 2008

Made you do it!

Peer pressure. Gotta love it. Teri made me jump into the blogging world, and now my sister has succumbed and is about the last mom on the planet to finally get her own blog. Well, second to last because I'm still working on my friend Robyn. I know I've mentioned my sister a time or two--often referred to as kdotp, she's younger, taller (by 6 freakin' inches), more hip and creative than I am. She can do things like this


and this

(still waiting to get this year's done--hmm, the party is in a couple weeks. Better get on that)

and this

All for free if you are related. I do the cakes, she does the invites--maybe we should go into a party business together! Anyway, go check her out. You may learn a thing or two about me in the process considering we grew up together. You can even see the wallpaper mentioned here.

I may have my priorities a little backwards today. We went to the grocery store and $150 worth of groceries sat by the front door while I ran downstairs for "just a minute" to check a few things online. I think I managed to get all the perishables put away. The rest can wait until later. Like after a nap. Or tomorrow.

We tend to go grocery shopping late in the morning and get home after lunch time. On these days Emma and Leah get to do one of their favorite things---a "snack" lunch. Their choice of goodies out of the cupboard which are self-serve so I can read blogs and check e-mail put groceries away. I'm not sure what today's full lunch consised of, I know Emma had pulled out fruit snacks (fruit group), a granola bar (grains), and for dessert a fudge oreo (chocolate group) dunked in milk (dairy). Looks like she covered at least 4 of my main food groups! What did I eat, you ask? Well that would be a large hazelnut iced coffee from McD's and a bowl of peanut butter and mini M&M's warmed slightly in the microwave. I may add a bowl of cereal later if I'm feeling hungry.

If I had a Native American name, I think it would be Bribes with Candy. How else are you supposed to get your kids to do anything? We have guests coming on Saturday and the house is a mess. Emma got to pick a treat out at the grocery store to have after she cleaned her room and the toy room. Of course by "treat" I mean something that is full of sugar with no nutritional value what-so-ever. Her choice was bubble tape--yum. (not) Leah picked out a blue Tootsie pop. That should be fun.


Cristin said...

Those cards are adorable... and I've seen your cakes so I'd say you could totally have a business... but that would mean working... and you don't want to go and do that would you??

If my kids would eat candy I would definitely bribe them... I bribe Graham with the TV all the time.

Bad Mommy said...

Lol. Yep, my name is Bribes with TV. And you totally should get in the party business.