Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Random

  • Hubby got back home about 1am this morning. Any bets on when he will see the light of day today? I am proud to say we made it through this trip without any major incidents. Woo hoo!
  • So far I have crossed off everything on my "to do" list. Today's items include a trip to Target and the grocery store, exercise, and planning a party. Tough stuff.
  • Not only did I cross everything off my list, I did it all while trying to potty train an almost 4 year old. Yesterday she stayed dry the whole day. These two girls have been very different in almost everything they do, surprise surprise. Emma took an interest to pooping on the potty around 18 months and she did that consistently on the potty before the peeing. Leah will probably be 25 years old before she poops in the potty. Emma is just now able to wake herself up at night to go to the bathroom and has stayed dry at night for about a month now. Leah has woken up dry the past two nights. To each her own I guess!
  • I think I found a winner with the last pair of shoes I got--the Sauconys I posted. I love where I ordered all 4 pairs of shoes to try, but their shipping can be slow. I ordered two pair the same day and I got one yesterday and the other just shipped yesterday. Now I just need to try the Sauconys out on the treadmill to see if they are the real deal.
  • I had a friend ask me when my first race is. I guess I had better start signing up for some, since that was my ultimate goal. There is one a few friends are doing on June 13th, then one in July that my sister said she was going to do, and I'm even looking to one in October. I've only "ran" (I use that term loosely, it was more like a slow jog) a 5K once in my life and that was 7 years ago.
  • Tomorrow I am paying for signing up Emma for two spring sports. We have a soccer game at 9am, softball pictures at 9:05am (won't make that), softball game at 10am and softball game at 11:30am. I realize the softball association does this whole "Rally Day" event, but a double header for 6 year olds who have had 2 practices with a first-time volunteer coach is a bit over the top.
  • We also have two parties we've been invited to for tomorrow night and I offered to host dessert for one of the gatherings.
  • Sunday is Mother's Day. Have you told your Mom "I love you" lately?

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