Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Shoe Saga

Forgive me if I've talked about this here. It is hard to keep track of where I've said what since I do Facebook and also have a "blog" on SparkPeople. If you've heard this story, just nod your head and say "uh hun" while I talk.

So I started the whole Couch to 5K thing last year and quickly found out the only pair of shoes I could wear comfortably on the treadmill were a pair of used Sauconys that I bought at my friend's consignment shop fo $6. Who knows who wore them before me and for how long. I've been wearing them for a year and a half now and they are done. Beyond done.

So with my birthday riches I decided to buy a new pair of Sauconys. I thought I found a great looking pair for a great price and ordered them. Wore them a few times on the treadmill and they hurt my feet and gave me medial shin splints. Not good. Back they went.

I decided I needed to get fitted for running shoes at an actual running store. I had heard good things about a place in Des Moines, so I stopped there a few weeks ago. I was all excited because I knew I would find the perfect running shoes there.

Did I forget to mention I have a little bit of a bunion problem? Um yeah, genetics strikes again. I've had them for a long time and judging by the look of my dad's feet, they will only get much worse. I am able to get by in normal shoes wearing regular width so far--he wears a triple wide. But it turns out running shoes are a different story. Most shoes have some sort of design/stitching right over where my bunions are that constrict them.

I tried on at least 8 pair of shoes at the running store and found one pair of shoes that may work. One. I decided to go online and look for running shoes that come in wide, hoping that will help. Ordered two more pair to try out. Struck out two more times. Sent those back and ordered two more pair. I'm waiting for those to show up this week.

Who knew it would be this hard? Ugh. Not me. Yesterday I sat down with my friend google and found this:

Could it be that simple? Just skip the bottom hole when lacing? It seems to make sense, but I feel like I'm breaking some rule by not using the bottom hole. I'll have to try it when the next round of shoes comes.

These are what I have my hopes pinned on:

Aren't they pretty? Because we all know that look is more important than fit, right? Of course these were twice as much as the first pair I bought, but with my super bargain hunting skills they only cost about $35 more.
See on the bottom picture where there is mesh where my lovely bunions sit? That is the key for me. And I still love the feel of Sauconys. With the two pair of shoes I recently sent back, I had a Saucony on one foot and a New Balance on the other and the Saucony was so much more comfortable.
Hopefully I can figure out a pair of shoes and keep just one--I don't think hubby will like the fact that I have 4 pairs of shoes on the credit card right now.


TJ said...

I wear a size 12 womens, so I know your pain about finding shoes. I can hardly ever try them on in-store because most stores don't carry that size.

Daren went to that running store in DSM, too. He found a great Addias shoe that works with his pronation. He was wearing a size or two too small before. :0

I hope you find one that works.

KAS said...

I'm so glad I didn't inherit the bunions. I'm not completely happy with the pair I have, but they work. They don't give me shin splints and the blister on my heel usually goes away after the first week and I'm used to wearing them again. I've found I much prefer Nikes, though, because of my high arches. I think I tried on about every other brand when I was searching for running shoes two years ago.

Glenda said...

So did they have "helpers" at the runners store? One of the places I go to here has really personalized service - they put you on a treadmill in your old shoes, video tape you, and watch your stride and what your feet do while you walk/jog/run. If you aren't happy with the ones you have coming now, I would recommend finding somewhere that does that....

kmm0305 said...

I thought the place in DSM did that, but when I went in they didn't offer it. Maybe you have to ask. :( It is more a shoe design problem since a lot of them felt fine except in the bunion area. I even ordered a pair of double wide shoes to see if that helps.

Bad Mommy said...

I have a pair of Nike wide widths that I bought a few years back. They work wonders. I need a new pair though and I'm worried. Does anyone make custom fit shoes?

call me Laura said...

I have those exact pair, I like them!