Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bunnies, baskets and . . .

(Photo of Bakerella's absolutely adorable cake pops all done up for Easter)
So when you think of Easter you think of cute little bunnies, baskets full of goodies and . . . barf, right? Because that is what I'm thinking of today. I thought we had dodged the bullet when Emma was sick last weekend, but there are a few things going around school right now. She was up at 4am and her tummy hasn't settled since.
We didn't really have big plans for Easter. Emma didn't have any time off from school, so traveling to South Dakota was out of the question. We told the grandparents they were welcome to come visit, but they had made a commitment to sing at the Easter services at church. My mom went to visit my grandparents, who are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary. We were just going to celebrate at home, so if we can't do too much its okay.
There is a neighborhood egg hunt later this morning, so I may still take Leah out. I'm sure it will be one of those 2 minute scatter drills where all the kids run around like crazy and grab everything in sight. We are to bring 12 filled eggs for each kid, so in theory you would go home with 12 different eggs. We'll see how that works.

Happy Easter to everyone!


Cristin said...

Happy Easter!

(I'm being sneaky and blogging from work while Dennis and the kids have dinner with the fam....)

KAS said...

No pukers at our house, yet... hopefully we escaped it. Glad E's feeling better, but sorry now L has it too.