Monday, April 13, 2009

An oldie but a goodie

I was reading Darcy's blog and had to giggle at the pictures of the Attack Cat. Our cat Elway is usually very good with kids, although he may swipe at you if he feels like it. Even though he has his claws, he's never taken them out around the kids. I caught this picture when Emma was about a year old and showing Elway some love
As you can see in the picture immediately following that, no children or cats were harmed during the making of that picture
I don't even think tears were shed.


Darcy said...

I love it! The look in her eyes, like "Mom! What just happened?!?!?"
That's great:)

Cristin said...

Too funny...I would have freaked out if a cat did that to me... I don't dig cats.