Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dear God

Thank you so much for the rain, it means I don't have to worry about watering my flowers. I realize sometimes I forget to do this and my flowers may be thirsty. But last time I checked, potted plants do not need 2" of rain--every day. I think I can handle the watering from here on out.

And while I enjoy spending time with my daughter, we've had enough sleepovers now in the past month due to loud thunder and howling winds at 2 or 3 am every other night. We'd like to sleep in our own beds. How about some nice, dry, storm-free weather? That might be nice for a change. You know, so people can actually do things outside on the grass instead of playing on concrete all the time.

Drying out the golf courses may make dh happy as well. Could you cut him a break? It is Father's Day coming up after all, and his birthday a few days later. He would enjoy a round of golf on Sunday, but both of his "home" golf courses are closed due to flooding. Another course I was going to buy him a round at was hit by a tornado. Do you have something against golf and/or Boy Scouts?

While we are on the subject of devastating winds. . .usually big trees are pretty in the summer and provide a lot of shade, but when they go through three floors and all the windows on one side of my friend's house, that's not such a good thing. I don't think she wanted free air conditioning, glass in the carpet, and bark and branches to decorate her house.

And then there is my parents house. They would like a chance to dry out their basement. They are getting up there in years, and they don't need to be vacuuming up water every other day.

And for my sister? I know she could use a day off from work, but didn't want to spend it chasing her "busy" two-year old red-headed tornado (her words, not mine) all day because her work and daycare have no electricity.

I think I speak for the whole state of Iowa--Rain, Rain, Go Away!!



Grumpy said...

...And don't forget those of us on this side of the country that would really really, really like to have some of that nice rain... but y'all can keep the wind! ... share the rain will ya...?!

Hope you guys dry out soon, and all damage can be repaired!

Minyo said...


If there was a way to bottle up the flood water and ship it to the two coasts, we would. However, the flood water in Cedar Rapids is tainted with oil, gasoline, antifreeze, and all kinds of other junk from all the stuff currently under water, so the areas with droughts probably don't want that water anyway.

Bad Mommy said...

Praise be to God!

Ouch, sounds like you had it way worse than I did.

Cristin said...

Ya. If he could stop the downpour of POLLEN that would be great too. I wake up every morning to about an inch of the stuff on every surface of my house... nasty.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that Iowa is getting destroyed! My dad is a truck driver and is there now and said the part he's in was a disaster.

We need rain so bad so please send it this way. Our crops are dying and my husband is getting grumpy! I will gladly take the rain away from you!

Patiently waiting for rain,

Why did I think you lived in Alaska?