Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Screwed

Literally. As in I have a freakin' screw in one of my tires. Nice. How do these things seem to happen only to me (and my friend Robyn)? I mean seriously, I've had the van 2.5 years. I've had 2 screws in 2 separate tires which averages about one screw a year. One could be fixed with a plug/patch costing less than $25. Not this one, we need a whole new tire.


So I'm a "matchy-matchy" kind of gal. Trying to find a matching tire to what I have on there is proving to be next to impossible. No one has them in stock in about a 300 mile radius. I have found one place that could get one here by Monday afternoon, which isn't too bad. Other places were next Thursday or beyond. And of course its not a cheap tire. Grrr.

I'm waiting to hear back from dh to see how to proceede. We can always get one mismatch, that would work. We're thinking about getting two off-brand tires and replacing the two that I have screwed. The one that was patched tends to leak air and I'm topping it off every three weeks or so.

In the grand scheme of things is this really a huge deal? No, of course not. Was it a pain in my ass to call 50 different tire places looking for an ever elusive tire? Yes. Do we really need to spend that $170 for a tire right now? No. Oh well, such is my life.


Bad Mommy said...

I am also Queen of Screwland. It sucks. Don'tcha wish duct tape was more useful?

Cristin said...

I hate spending money on my car... I'm way overdue for an oil change and my inspection sticker was due in Feb!!