Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh boy, oh boy

My daughter is ready for a gender re-assignment. "I wish I was a boy, boys have it easy." She wants to dress like a boy, have hair like a boy, go without a shirt like a boy. All this comes after I bought her all skirts for the summer. Last summer that is all she wanted to wear because they were comfortable--you know the knit skirts with the shorts underneath. Now I'm fighting her to wear them. Today she put on a polo shirt, tucked it into her capris, and had socks and tennis shoes on. I had to stifle a giggle (okay, full out laugh at her--how nice am I) when I saw her. "What?" she says. "I want to look like a boy." Okay honey, but you make such a cute little girl. I'll be the first to admit that I don't do "girly girl"--there are hardly any bows or ribbons in my house, but what girl clothes they do wear are still cute and not-so-much boyish.

To her defense, I remember going through this phase in life. My dad had all girls, so I was sure he really wanted a boy. I tried to come close--I had (and still have) short hair, and remember a time or two running around outside without a shirt on as well (like boys do, you know). I tried to be the "athletic" one and while I did play more sports than either of my sisters, I still sucked at them. EE has more athletic ability at 5 than I ever had--I'm hoping that continues. Alas, I am very much a girl and have only girls myself.

I'm trying to appease EE a little bit. I bought her "boy cut" underwear and she is loving them--enough to dig a pair out of the dirty laundry because all of them had been worn. I bought her the "boxer-style" night pull-ups and she is wearing those to bed and taking her shirt off when she sleeps so she can be "just like Dad." I try not to laugh everyday when she comes out dressing like what she thinks a boy looks like. Hopefully I don't catch her standing up in the bathroom "just like a boy" someday. There are some things that girls can't do.


Teri said...

I will trade you 2 prissy princesses for one girl/boy. She can even pee standing up ;) J/K

Everyone has phases, SC just got out of the "I don't bathe" phase. Good luck! :)

kmm0305 said...

Gotta love the phases. Maybe yours will grow out of her "pick the locks and get into trouble phase." ;)

Minyo said...

LOL! Perhaps you can tell her about cross-dressing and get her back in the cute little skort/skooter things.

Phases are so much fun! Fortunately, they eventually end. The most recent phase at our house just ended after 5 long months.

Grumpy said...

I'm forever getting grief from MIL for not getting M more "girly - frilly" clothes (because I hate them! LOL!) ... so instead I do just the basics - because basics can be fancied up and dressed up or dressed down! LOL! M is a girly-girl, but I can so related to the wanna be a boy-girl more that was me.... everyone still dies of shock when I put on a skirt!! LOL! Then there is S... who at 2 bee-lines for the boys clothes department and wears spiderman shoes airplane shirts and spiderman jammies - and gets all cranky when her lizard shirt isn't ready yet! LOL!