Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baby lovin'

Sunday and Monday the girls and I were at my sister's house to see the new baby and her big brother. Baby M is of course adorable, sweet, and is at the stage where she just eats and sleeps contentedly. I seriously think my girls never went through that phase. Emma's phase was cry, eat a little, sleep even less, then cry some more. Leah's phases didn't start until she was 3 months old or so, and then for the next 6 months she was reacting to food allergies we didn't know she had.

Both the girls got to hold Baby M and give her lots of kisses.

When asked if we should have one of these at our house, both of them said, "No."

Here are the cousins on my side of the family

The girls now outnumber the boys. Can you tell they are all related? (Hint: they must be related, they all have red eyes--ha ha)

These are all pictures from my sister. I did bring my camera, but when I pulled it out to take pictures, I had forgotten to put the memory card back in. Doh! I was quite bummed because not only did we see Miss M for the first time, we also went to see my Grandma. I hadn't seen her in two years (bad granddaughter, we live in the same state--just on opposite sides) and she is now in a nursing home. It is just a little eerie to see her because my mom looks very much like her, and I probably look the most like my mom out of us three girls. Seeing the 4 generation picture we took was like looking into the future.


kdotp said...

See, now I think you favor dad more. I don't really look like either of our parents. But mom does look a lot like Grandma except I think she has Grandpa's eyes.

I live even closer than you do and haven't been to see them in almost a year.

Sure M sleeps, but the last two days, it's been on me or nothing. Which is okay unless I need to do important things like go to the bathroom and eat lunch.

Mom on the Run said...

They're all adorable. Obviously those girls will look fabulous in blue. And blue.

Cristin said...

So stinkin cute!!!