Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Too smart

I never realized what life is like once your child starts reading. Yes, its exciting--but also funny at times (and TMI at times). This past weekend we were at my parents and Emma was sitting at the table eating a bowl of chocolatey delight Special K. She was looking at the box and says, "I can drop two jean sizes in two weeks!" My mom and I just busted out laughing. I'm hoping Special K isn't marketing that promotion toward 5 year olds, but she is too smart for her own good sometimes. We had to tell her that if she did drop two jean sizes, she would be wearing the same size as Leah.

I know she is "advanced" for her age as far as reading goes, but it runs in the family. I know I was reading by kindergarten and even remember reading out loud to my class at story time. I'm pretty sure hubby was reading by that age, too.

The other day Emma came home and said that her teacher was doing reading testing to see what level they would be in. I asked her what kind of words she read and her response was, "Well, I kinda got stuck on conscious" Okay then. She ended up in reading level "M", whatever that means.

We have a TV upstairs that automatically turns the closed captioning on if you 'mute' the sound. Hubby was watching TV out there when the girls came to tell him good-night. He hit 'mute' so he could talk to them, so while he was telling Leah good-night, Emma was reading the captioning out loud. Good thing he was only watching "America's Funniest Home Vidoes" and not some foul-mouthed movie on HBO.


Mom on the Run said...

Best story ever...when J3 was in kindergarten we went to Destin for spring break. For some reason, DOTR thought it would be hilarious to drive through Panama City Beach. Not so much. Back in the day (it's much better now) it was flea bag hotels with 15 college students to a room, and everybody just cruised up and down the highway or stood on the side of the road.

A guy was holding a big sign and J3 was reading it very sloooowwly...."show...me...your...tits...and...I'll...give...you...some...beer. Dad, what are tits?"

One of the stories that shall go down in family history!

BTW, J1 could read the freaking newspaper by Christmas of her K year.

Mom on the Run said...

Crap, half of my sentence didn't make it on there.

The sign said "show me your tits and I'll give you some beer."


Cristin said...

Oh, you're in trouble sister...