Friday, January 16, 2009

Frip You Friday

My alter ego (a.k.a. Cristin) came up with a theme for Friday last week, so I'm following suit. It's officially called F*%k You Friday, but I edited as needed. This is a family show. She doesn't have to filter, she talks like that anyway. ;) Please check out her first 'F' You Friday from last week where she tells CDH to flip off.

Since it is Friday, I just have to say:

Yes, I live in a northern state where winter is to be expected. I've lived through ice storms and blizzards and snow up to my armpits (okay, I may have been 7 years old at the time, but that still is a lot of snow) but cold is something we can do without. The air temperature this morning? A flippin' -29 degrees. Without windchill. That is damn cold, people. Humans aren't meant to function in that cold. Nothing much else works, either. It is dangerous to even be out in these temps. In order to protect our children, they cancelled school on Wednesday. And Thursday. And Friday. For real? I mean c'mon, I know the buses don't function in the cold, but most other schools were only running 2 hrs late this morning. Heck, when I went out at noon it was 9 degrees out--that's a heat wave! It was only 4 degrees out when I did grocery shopping earlier this week and the kids were in school.

Honestly I don't see how this part of the country was ever settled by our ancestors. They must have either been crazy or very desperate for a place to live. They probably gave away the land for free in the summer and then had the last laugh when winter hit. Gotcha! You thought this lush, green, fertile place was a great place to live? Have fun in the months of November through March!

I don't think there are many other places in the country where temperature can vary as much as it does here. Record lows for the day were -27 degrees while the record highs were 58. That is a swing of almost 90 degrees. The temperature in January can fall anywhere between the two. And we do get hot in the summer, just like we get cold in the winter. Although it may not be hot like 110 degrees hot, we get very humid so it can feel that hot.

So, on my first 'Frip You' Friday the award goes to cold weather. Global warming, my ass!


Mom on the Run said...

I always used to say the same thing...they came from Germany and could've chosen anywhere in the US to live and they came HERE????

DOTR is soooo freezing his arse off in Nebraska right now. He said they walked out of the airport in Omaha, and took a breath and it was so cold that it about knocked him over.

I told him he would forget how cold it feels. He has no gloves and no hat. What a moron. (you know, though, I don't ever remember him owning a pair of gloves when he lived there either, so I guess he gets what he deserves).

Stay warm. I'm freezing here, too, and it's supposed to be a warm place to live!

kmm0305 said...

Obviously it must've felt like home--my paternal grandparents were both 100% German. Crazy people!

Bad Mommy said...

Did you ever read "The Long Winter". The Indians used to say that every 7 years the winter would be bad and the third 7th year (21 years) would bring 7 months of hard winter.

I'm dumb like that. ;)