Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Random

  • I need to post, but have nothing fun to talk about. You'll get random blatherings instead.
  • Furniture came. I really like it, except there are three small places on the table "apron" (technical furniture term) where the wood veneer is chipped. Ticks me off to no end. Customer service won't be here until Feb 12th to look at it.
  • Need to download pics from the camera. Emma had her pet show this week, it was a lot of fun. She also found a new hideout--under her bed.
  • I feel like I'm constantly 2 steps behind this week, don't know why I'm so off. Such is life.
  • Had a great brunch with the neighborhood moms this week. Went there thinking I looked smokin' hot, only to find everyone who had a baby within the past 1-2 months is back to looking not pregnant. Damn it anyway.
  • So you ask how those resolutions are coming? Well the weight loss one? Down 9.4 lbs since Jan 1st, thankyouverymuch. The other ones? I can't even remember what they were.
  • Even extreme bribery isn't working for potty training. Any other great ideas?


Mags said...

Congrats on the weight loss...That's awesome!

My youngest had no interest in PT. No amount of bribes ever worked. At 3y3m, she PT'd in a day when she found out she couldn't go in the play area at our Supermarket. She was ticked that her older siblings were having fun and she wasn't. You have to be 3yo and PT'd; no pull-ups allowed. When we got home that afternoon, she pulled out the undies herself, and said, "No more pull-ups!"

Good luck!

Jenn M said...

I have to agree with Mags--stop trying for awhile. Put the panties away and only do diapers with a simple apology from you "I'm sorry I keep bugging you about going potty, I know you'll do it when you're ready. Let's just go back to diapers until you are". Totally gives her the power and takes the pressure off you for a bit. Audrey has been reminding me over and over this week the amount of will and stubborness these CDH kids possess--I'm sure once LC feels in control, she'll master the deed.

Rock on with your weight loss, yay you! Tricks to share?

Cristin said...

Yay on the 9.4 pounds!!! And no, I don't have any potty training advice... but you knew that already...

Mom on the Run said...

Wow, you rock on the weight loss! Wish I was doing that well. I guess I should stop piddling around and just concentrate on it. One of these days.

I'm not sure what's going on with the pictures, but if you go to the Cobb Landmarks Tour of Homes album,right now the rest of the pictures are just showing up as a little grid of dots underneath the picture of "Joe & Pepper Kelly". Go to the 3rd row of dots and click on the 2nd one in that row and that's us. Jeff and Kim.

Jenny Rupe said...

Wow, 9.4 lbs!!!! That is so fantastic! I am soooo jealous!Guess I should just try harder!