Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's too early to be profound

Leah did not pay much attention last night when I specifically told her to "sleep in". That girl has a very precise internal alarm clock and she doesn't care that mommy stayed up late (didn't make it to midnight, but did stay up past 11pm--woohoo!). She doesn't care that mommy's throat still hurts and that mommy didn't get much sleep with daddy snoring all. night. long.

Usually on school days, Leah is the last to wake up. Hubby is up around 5:30ish and I wake Emma up at 6:40am. But on weekends/holidays, Leah's 7am wake up is before anyone else. We usually head downstairs to watch TV (I can see the TV perfectly from the computer desk). She gets a "nack" of dry cereal, a fig newton and milk.

So this morning is no different, she is pestering me for a snack. I grab her requested cereal that we just bought yesterday out of the cupboard. As I'm opening it, I think "hey, they must've changed the packaging--it's really hard to get into!" My next thought is, "Wow, all the marshmallows are at the top of this box, usually they are at the bottom. What a lucky girl this morning to get a bowl full of marshmallows!" Not until when I go to close the box do I realize I opened the stupid thing from the bottom.

I'm trying to find a way to put the experience into a profound metaphor to describe what may be in store for the New Year, but its too early for things like that. Maybe like "The New Year will start out sweet". Yeah, that didn't work that way last year. Or "Happy accidents will bring about good things". Accidents that usually happen to me don't turn out well.

I don't know what 2009 has in store for us. I sure hope it doesn't involve any job changes that aren't voluntary, emergency surgeries, or flooding (either by nature or man-made). I do hope it involves more pooping on the potty, less of me, and good heath and happiness all around. May your New Year bring you a big bowl full of marshmallows. Happy New Year!

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