Friday, April 4, 2008

Girls Night Out

Or as Miley Cyrus would say, GNO. (Yes, I admit I actually listen to Miley thanks to EE) ;)

Last night I went out for a fun supper with some new friends. There is a neighborhood group of women who walks one night a week (when the temperature decides to get above 50-60 degrees) and goes out for supper once a month. I was invited to go out last month, but it was the same week EE was sick, my birthday, and dh losing his job so not a great time. But I was able to go this month and had a great time. We went to a Japanese steakhouse and did the whole hibatchi grill thing.

I think any adult woman will tell you how hard it is to make friends, especially when you are new to the 'hood. Thankfully we are in a wonderful neighborhood, and having kids helps, too (I knew having kids was good for more than just the tax break, but sometimes its hard to remember why!). The first mom I met through preschool, and the circle has just widened from there. Somehow I'm finding connections with many of the women--one used to live in the same town as we did before we moved and two others lived down the street from me in college. (kdotp--they were AChiO's and one of them worked with your Red Headed Hubbie at RC and remembered him). Anyway, it seems like a great group of moms to find and I'm so excited. So now we REALLY CAN'T MOVE!!! Got that, Powers that Be? We love it here and there HAS to be a great job just waiting for the right person (aka dh) to come along. Please, please, please, pretty please?

Speaking of dh, he was a superstar last night and took over parenting duties. He even gave the girls a bath and dried their hair with the hair dryer (I don't think dh has ever used one himself--I was impressed). One was sleeping by the time I got home, and the other had to give me a quick "good night" and was off to bed without a hitch. I guess I can go out more often! I did make supper before we left, since EE was a little worried about that part. "Someone needs to feed us, Daddy doesn't know how to cook!"


kdotp said...

Is it Abby Harklau? She was lived in my dorm floor and was in my rush group, too. Her hub played football for ISU and then was on N's flag football team at RC. That's the only AChiO I know of who worked at RC. Nate would be interested to know they're in Ames now, last we heard they were in WI.

Hah, I bet she'd like to know the whole story of what went down with our first daycare since they took their daughter there, too, before they moved.

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