Monday, April 7, 2008

Stink Bomb

I apologize for bringing up such matters here, but it really does warrant a post, or at least a brief mention.

LC STINKS. Horribly. Or I should say her diapers (of the solid sort) stink. How can something so small and adorable create such a stench? My only theory is her diet--since she doesn't have milk products, she drinks soy milk. This has to be the offender because otherwise she pretty much eats the same things we do.

That girl clears a room, and you can smell her from miles away. And the stink lingers, no matter how fast you change her. I've actually almost been banned from stores because of her. My friend runs a local store and we would visit her quite often (which we can't do anymore since we moved, sniff, sniff). Anyway, one day LC did her deed in the store and we didn't quite change her immediately. My friend, R, had a customer after we left complain about the smell. From then on, we would change her immediately and throw the offending diaper outside in the trash. And R would keep candles around to light if we did have an episode.

We are working hard at convincing her she should at least try to go on the potty. So far we don't have her convinced. I think she secretly gets a laugh out of seeing us all gag and wretch when she does her thing. Little stinker. ;)

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Cristin said...

I've often wondered what evil swamp creature has left it's mess in Dottie's diaper.... some real gaggers I tell you... I also blame the soy milk... good times, good times....