Friday, April 4, 2008

When Nature Calls

No, this post is not about potty training or bad Jim Carey movies (ala "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective"). It is about the real nature we experienced just outside our window tonight during supper. We saw no less than:

4 deer (pretty far away; we needed binoculars to see them well)
3 Canadian geese
2 red-winged blackbirds
1 kill deer (its a bird, google it if you need to)

Pretty cool, huh? We live on the city limits and our backyard backs up to a cornfield. We also drive by horses on a weekly basis--they are actually closer to town than we are. My girls may be city kids but they get to experience a lot of farm and wildlife stuff around here.

1 comment:

kdotp said...

I think you need to take EE and LC to G&G B's more often if you're getting excited over a few deer and red-winged blackbirds. :p

Just wait until all the mice start showing up after harvest.