Thursday, April 3, 2008

Love/Hate Relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with a certain clothing store. For privacy purposes, we'll call the store Mold Davy (which may or may not happen to sound like above mentioned store). I had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to do some online shopping. Things were on sale, I had a coupon and a free shipping code so I was stoked. I picked out some items that I thought would create a cute spring wardrobe and patiently waited for UPS to deliver my much-anticipated package.

So I got my package last night and had to immediately check out my new stuff. Remember how I said I was getting more green? I was thinking it would be a pretty, bright light lime green. The two things I got were a bright primary 4-H green. Belive me, I was in 4-H for many a year and remember fondly the shade of green we were forced to wear. Once I had to wear it every day for a week when I worked at the state fair. But I digress. I no longer have to wear that shade of green and prefer not to; that was NOT the shade depicted on the website. And you could not tell by their pretty little picture that the cute short-sleeved sweatshirt I bought (in the 4-H green color) has a white plastic zipper. Huh? Is that supposed to be "cool" now?

So out of the things I ordered, almost half of it is going back. Including the lounge pants that look oh-so-comfy but are transluscent enough and clingy enough to show all the cellulite on my behind and notify any on-looker as to what undergarments I have on. I want to be comfy, people, not worried that everyone in my house will see my ass fat and polka dot underwear.

What a pain in the ass to return the stuff (sorry, I guess I seem obsessed with my ass today). I either send it back, get charged shipping, and am out 1/2 my spring wardrobe; or I spend just as much in gas as I would in shipping and pray that an actual store has something I would want to wear.

As long as I'm ranting, let's talk about another love/hate relationship. That would be with a particular brand of appliance. This brand of appliance's name happens to be two letters long, and its not LG (although the first letter is G--I'll let you guess the second letter). When we moved into our house the builder had already put in all the appliances with the exception of a fridge. The appliances looked all shiny and new and you think "Great, I have new appliances and don't have to worry about them not working!". Ha, ha, that's funny.

We bought a new fridge to match our other appliances (both by brand and by finish) to the tune of $2K. A little excessive, we know, but we thought it would be the perfect fridge. Again--ha, ha. Before we had the thing a month, the ice maker quit working. When you are used to having ice on demand, that can be a little annoying. So we call the appliance company, and their call their repair man. Two months later we have a new ice maker. As the service guy is ordering a new one he says "I just replaced one of these last week". Would'be been good to know about a month ago. As he's replacing the part two months later (it was back ordered) he says, "I just got a call about one of these again last week". Great.

Let's see, that's just the beginning. My oven likes to lose temperature and now the door of the microwave doesn't open without using two hands. Its all under warranty, but there's something about 3 brand new appliances "breaking" within 4 months of use that's a little dis concerning. We only have 8 months left on their 1 year warranty, so if anything else is going to go--do it now. The over-priced extended warranty said appliance company just sent me is sounding pretty good right now--I see why they send it out. "Our appliances are crap, so pay more money because you know they will be breaking once the warranty is done. Better extend that NOW!" I loving having appliances around that wash my dishes, heat my food, and keep my drinks full of ice but its the "not working" part that I hate.

Now, comment away--I want to donate more books! :)


kdotp said...

Poor thing. We don't even *have* a dishwasher. And at separate times, both our oven and our microwave have been out of commission for months at a time.

However, they were also not new appliances, so I can understand your frustration.

Jenn M said...

What is this your bitch fest day? Sorry feeling a bit punchy after a LONG effing day.

Mold Davy? Total love/hate--love the prices, hate that my 35-yr-old-birthed-three-babies-and-love-food-and-wine body doesn't always "fit" their cute styles and cuts.
As for appliances, mine are OLD so I can't say anything but if I bought a shiney new house and ponied up for the pretty fridge to match, I'd be PISSED too! Write an email, I'm always shocked by customer service (and usually in a good way!).

We need more comments dude.