Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm pretty good at keeping secrets. There are a few things I may not have told dh over the past 15 years. They aren't secrets, exactly, but maybe just things I've forgotten to tell him. Minor details.

For a few months now I knew another secret and was very good at keeping it, because it wasn't mine to tell. Sometimes jems like these slip out--my sisters and I sometimes try to one-up each other by telling our parents something they may not know. Like when I told my dad last week that my BIL (kdotp's hubbie) is being inducted into his college athletic hall of fame. Wasn't supposed to share that one. Oops.

The thing about this last secret I had was that kdopt (the owner of said secret) didn't know I knew (confused yet?). I finally let her know I knew while IM'ing her one day. And I think it was better for both of us that I knew so she had someone to talk to about it.

So her secret is one that you can't keep secret for long when you are seeing people face to face and you may be about 16 weeks pg. Both of my sisters, two husbands, and my parents were all getting together on Saturday. I kept telling kdotp that she had better tell or our other sister was going to be all annoying by saying things like "Are you pregnant?" So sure enough, we had been together about 20 minutes and Other Sister says to me, "Are those maternity jeans kdotp is wearing?" Of course I played dumb because I wasn't going to be the one to spoil the fun. So once we are all at a table together Other Sister says something to kdotp and hubbie. And then my Dad gives them congrats, so they start talking about being pg. Dad was congratulating hubbie on his sports thing and was clueless about the pg until they started talking about it. Oh well, the cat's out of the bag now.

So I get to be an aunt again this fall. We pray that things continue to go well with the pregnancy. Its been different this time than last time, so many are predicting a girl--we'll go with that for now. Someone else in our family has to have girls other than me!

The reason we all got together was to go to a trivia event. We were a hard-core team, there to win. Everyone else was there mainly for the free beer. We ended up about 5 points out of the lead, but still had fun. Here is your challenge: without doing any googling, calling friends, or using any other means of "cheating" see if you know the answer to any of these questions:

  • In the original skee ball game, what was the highest point value?
  • What state did the TV show "Family Ties" take place? What about "The Waltons"?
  • In the Beetles' "Yellow Submarine" movie, what were the villains called who invaded the sub?
  • Adventureland is the one and only theme park in Iowa. The official mascot of Adventureland is a dog--what is his name? (Good luck with that, I grew up here and used to go every year and we had no clue!)
  • What is the full name of Jack Nicholson's character in "The Shining"? (We did come up with it as soon as we turned in our answer sheet)

I still owe Jenn M a prize from my last challenge, so don't get your hopes up if you actually know the answer. I'll try to figure out something.


Cristin said...

congrats on the impending aunthood!

Your questions are hard... I won't be winning any prizes any time soon...

Family Ties was in Ohio???

kdotp said...

Yeah, you sneaky little shit. At least it was you and not our other sister.

And two people in my office knew where Family Ties took place.

kmm0305 said...

Cristin--you could've scored a point for us! For some reason we were thinking it was more East Coast than that.

Allen Huffman said...

This post turned up in a Google alert I have set up for Adventureland Iowa. Cool. Even harder -- did you know about the other mascots of the park? There are at least three characters that have been around, according to park management, "about as long as (the dog)." (Also, isn't there another amusment park in Iowa -- Arnold's Park in Okiboji?)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your sister! I wish them an uneventful pregnancy!

And I love Family Ties! I only knew the answer to that one question! Sad.

Jenn M said...

Since I won the other, I'll stay out of this one (that and I don't know one answer!)

Trivia and secrets huh? Getting to know you better everyday!

I did the meme and tagged some of the posse for you!