Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rude Awakening

I'll be the first to admit I've lived a relative life of leisure the past 5 years or so. Don't get me wrong--staying at home isn't always a cake walk, but for the most part my girls have made it easy on me. Both of them usually do not wake before the hour of 7am. Most days they can make it to 7:30 am. Days like today neither one of them were up before 8 am (okay, I was up a little after 6 am but that is rare, and I went back to sleep). They are also good nappers. Leah is averaging about 3 hr naps these days, and Emma is quarantined asked to stay in her room for at least 2 hrs every afternoon for "rest time" so Mommy doesn't completely lose her sanity. I may or may not spend those two hours randomly surfing the Internet.

Emma starts kindergarten in exactly 15 days. I've read many a blog these days of mother's lamenting their babies going off to school, growing up too fast, getting too old, blah blah blah. I'm not overly sentimental about sending her off; rather I'm looking forward to some time without her. But do you know what time I have to send her off?? The bus will pick her up across the street at 7:27 am. Did you see the average waking time above? Yeah, things are going to have to change in the next two weeks if she is going to get on the bus 1. On time 2. Dressed and 3. Hopefully fed.

So in my parental wisdom, we are trying to get to bed earlier in anticipation of having to wake up earlier for school (in 15 days). This week we are working on the getting to bed earlier part. Last night was day one of "Operation GTBE" (go to bed early). How did it go? I was telling Emma her last good-nights at 9:10 pm last night. Not too early, eh? Its a work in progress. I'm shooting for light's out at 9 pm tonight.

If you happen to be on our street at 7:27 am once school starts, I'll be easy to spot. I'll be the mom in her pajamas and glasses, yawning and holding my cup of coffee. "Bye bye, honey! Have fun at school! Mommy's going back to bed!"


TJ said...

I hear ya - there is a reason we went with AFTERNOON pre-k last year. ;)

School starts at 8:15 here, so we will have leave here at 8:00 to get there in time.

I am not a morning person either.

KAS said...

Oh come on, if *I* can get up at 6:30 (okay 6:40) to get G to daycare by 8 (this is when I'm not pg and up at the buttcrack of dawn) anyone can.

Minyo said...

It'll work. After the first day she'll be so tired she'll be begging to go to bed early.

We had the adjustment at our house last year, but it worked. Lil Sis and I stayed in our jammies to walk Big Sis to the bus.

And once your oldest is on the bus. Your little one will love one on one time with you, even if you both stay in your jammies all morning.

Cristin said...

That's early!! Is it full day or half day?? I admit I was sad when Graham started school... but got over it REALLY QUICKLY!!!