Friday, August 8, 2008

Three years ago . . .

I know Leah's birthday isn't until Monday, but when I think back to when she was born I tend to think more about the days of the week. I went into labor on a Wednesday afternoon and headed to the hospital around 10 pm, she was born at 4:48 am on Thursday and was sent to Omaha soon after that. John and his dad were there in Omaha with her on Thursday, and I made it late afternoon on Friday. Let me tell you, being in a full maternity ward with no baby doesn't make you a high priority. Thankfully I had my SIL there (who is a nurse and had just given birth less than two months previous and spent time in the NICU with our nephew) to help me through the night without a baby or a husband. About this time 3 years ago I was trying to get in a quick nap at home to get rid of my massive migraine (hormones and stress will do that to you) before heading to Omaha to be re-united with Leah after a good 36 hrs or so.

I will post more about Leah's story next week, but until then I hope you enjoy this:


TJ said...

wow - love the montage! Very well done. She is an adorable little girl!

Happy Early Birthday, LC!

- Tara

Jeanie T said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful and amazing young lady! I especially loved the picture of Leah eating the corn, YUM!
I don't really know how i found your blog but I wanted to let you know I have a son who is CDH & ECMO from 1987, he is now going to be a junior in college and almost 21, yikes! a pretty great young man!
Happy 3rd Birthday Leah and many more!
Many blessings!
mom to Ryan
CDH & ECMO 1987 Cincinnati Children's

Michelle {bsktgirl} said...

Thank you so much for the kind words & birthday wishes! Would you shoot me an email at:
{How about a small world...I actually took care of Audrey M!!!}

KAS said...

We are so blessed and grateful to have you in our lives and our family, Miss LC (even if you do get annoyed with your big red-headed cousin).

We love you so much! Happy early birthday!!

Jenn M said...

awwwwww, what a FABULOUS montage! I cried, I giggled and I mostly just felt so thankful that Leah is here, what a special little sprite she is! I hope to meet her and the rest of her super family some time.

Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!

ps what a super cute preggo you were!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!! Loved the montage - thanks for sharing it.
Give her lots of hugs from Emma and Kate in Texas!

Cristin said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

Love the montage and that song is perfect!