Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mullet Be Gone!

So after 1113 days of potential hair growth, I finally decided it was time to get rid of the mullet and get Leah her first hair cut. Hubby is still mortified that I cut Leah's hair; his thoughts were it took this long to get hair--why cut what little she has? Because stringy, scraggly, thin, mullet hair is not becoming on such an adorable three year old, dear.

Here is the before:

During the haircut:

And the after--ta da!

(Note--she didn't do anything to the bangs, that is how short they are after 3 years)

I happened to be making a trip back to where we used to live and got Leah in with my old hairdresser. She also gave Emma her first haircut--I told her if we would ever have a third, we'd be back again.

Now, I am not opposed to girls having long hair. I may let Emma's hair grow out at one point, but for now her bob suits her and its quick and easy. I will also let Leah's hair grow back out, but it needed to be cut. Most likely she has inherited my fine, thin hair which looks horrible long but I will humor hubby who thinks all girls should have long, thick, preferalby blonde hair. (Ain't gonna happen without a good dye and weave job in this family)

The main reason we went back to our "old town" was for me to have a Dr. appointment. Ladies, you all know . . . THAT one. I wasn't up to finding a new Dr. here in town, so I decided it would be easier to go back and see the one that I know and trust. Not to mention I have a slight crush on him in the "you saved my daughter at birth and I will love you forever" kind of way. He is an awesome guy and took great care of all our family in the 4 years we lived there. He has 5 boys and always loved seeing both of the girls--there has been talk about possible arranged marriages. I could tell he may have a slight preference for us--when you look at his bulletin board of pictures/Christmas cards/birth announcements we are up there at least three time. He has to clean it off to make room for new ones, but he leaves ours up there. Man, I miss it there.

Another reason I needed to get back was to go to my friend Robyn's store. She runs an awesome consignment shop where I used to get the majority of our clothes. Now I actually have to BUY clothes. Since I hadn't been there in awhile, I found quite a few great things--and it didn't cost me anything since I had credit there from the stuff I've sold. I got myself I new pair of Gap jeans, a JCrew shirt, Rocket Dog shoes, and an Anne Taylor loft skirt (for free since it had a hole in it that she knew I could fix). For Emma I got a couple Old Navy shirts and a pair of capris, and for Leah I got a pair of Old Navy pj's and a pair of Croc mammoth shoes. $4 for the shoes, ladies! Those retail for $30. I've tried to shop at the consignment store here in town and it just isn't the same--the prices are WAY too high and the clothes are WAY out of date. Robyn only carries recent styles and gets a lot of name brand stuff that looks barely worn. I used to visit at least twice a week. Now I've been there twice this year.

Those are the only reasons I would go back--cheaper haircuts, great Doctor, and awesome clothes. Now that I did all those things, I probably won't be back in awhile. I do not miss the town at all. I do not miss the 1+ hour drive on a crappy highway--I can't believe I drove that 3 days a week for 3 months, and hubby drove it everyday for 3 months.


KAS said...

Aw. No more mullet. It's probably easier to comb though. And it's really cute!

Jenn M said...

Super cute! I swear her and Audrey have the same hair, let's blame in on CDH (I hate admiting it's my fault!)

How was the game?

Jenny said...

I LOVE her haircut. It looks adorable! My good friend and neighbor has a daughter who's hair did the exact same thing your Leah's is doing! She, too, finally cut it after putting it off for a long time. She couldn't bare the thought of cutting off what took so dang long to grow. Anyway, it has actually grown in fuller ever since.

SP Jenny

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

I just got to read a few of your current posts and I did click on the pic of you pregnant. I know that you have no idea who I am, and I have no idea who you are, but I do know one thing--that baby of yours is precious. I know it was mostly of Leah Claire and not your older daughter, but it was just precious. Reminds me of my little one who is about 10 months old now. And gave me hope that my daughter will soon get hair too!:) Enjoyed reading your blog. Aren't children just precious? (especially when they are SLEEPING and can't TALK to you? )

Cristin said...

I LOVE the haircut!!! I've been cutting Dottie's hair since before she was a year old... my hubby gets mad every time I do... but it's a tangled mess all the time...