Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things that I *heart*

Just want to give a little shout out to a few things I love these days, some old and some new.

I *heart* Facebook. Call me a late-comer, but I recently joined Facebook because a neighbor sent me an invitation to join. I started out with the friends in the neighborhood, then I found college friends, friends from high school, friends from grad school, friends from marching band--you get the picture. I re-connected with my "sister" from Finland (the foreign exchange student my family hosted when I was in college). I've gotten re-acquainted with second cousins whom I used to see every summer. I've met up with my CDH bloggie moms there, too. I love Flair and a few of the other applications that I actually use.


I *heart* Younkers. It is a department store here in the Midwest; I know they have quite a few other names in different parts of the country. It is like an upscale Kohl's--everything is always on sale, and then there are almost always extra 20% off coupons you can use. They carry Carter's and Osh Kosh, a couple of my favorite brands. Just this week I got Leah the cutest vest, regularly $27. On sale for $13.50. Extra 20% off $10.80. That's how I roll.

I *heart* Carter's pajamas. There is one other mom I know who shares my affinity for said pajamas as well. They just have the cutest darn pj's ever and if you get them at Younkers or Kohl's, are pretty darn cheap. I have a slight obsession for pj's--that's why Leah got 4 pairs for her birthday, plus 2 more when we visited my friend Robyn. I've had two separate comments at the bus stop about Leah's jammies; "Boy, Leah, you have a lot of pajamas!" and "Leah, you have the cutest jammies." Yes, Leah goes to the bus stop in her pj's--you think I have time to get two kids dressed and fed and out the door by 7:25 am? Ha! Here are a few I have my eyes on for Emma since Leah is set in the pj department for awhile:

I *heart* Gap fleece hoodies. My obsession with these started when Emma was a baby. I have at least one or two in every size from 6-12 mo (the smallest they make them) now up to size 6-7. The past two years I have been in brown & pink mode, so for the next lucky lady in the clothes line-up (which right now is our niece) will get a brown/pink hoodie in size 2, size 3, size 4/5 and size 6/7. They serve as a great fall jacket, and for Leah she will wear one under her super cute vest (see above) for most of the winter as her winter coat. (Sorry about the picture size, aparently they are sold out of the ones I ordered a couple months ago)

I *heart* my bloggie friends. I recently "won" my first blog award, given generously by Cristin.

Without my bloggie friends, I have may have a lot more time in my day (because I wouldn't sit at the computer for hours on end trying to catch up with everyone), but my life would definitely be a lot more boring. Love the linky love, the comments, and just being a "part" of other people's lives. Love ya!


Mad About Plaid Girl said...

I LOVE Facebook, too. It is very addicted. You gotta play Word is awesome. But don't blame me when you are neglecting your children...I have a piece of flair that says, "You can't have a snack, sweetie, Mommy is on Facebook." :)

Mom on the Run said...

My kids won't let me join facebook, or if I did they wouldn't friend me. Although they have friended my brother and my hairdresser. Go figure.

I love Younkers, too. I still remember the thrill of going to the downtown Younkers in Sioux City, riding on the elevator (it even had a lady operating it who could never line up the elevator with the floor). AND they had a bed in the ladies room if you'd just had too much shopping.

I think they're owned by the same company that used to own one of our dept. stores that got purchased by really sucky Belk. Do they have Relativity as one of their store brands?

Bad Mommy said...

Well whaddya know? I just bought those EXACT jammies, online of course. ;) Radio's on facebook, me notsomuch.