Monday, September 8, 2008

To go, or not to go . . .

That is the question. My 15 year high school reunion is in less than a month, and I'm still undecided if I'm going. They decided to have it the same time as our high school homecoming this fall instead having it in the summer, which is when it was the past two times. I do have sort of a lame excuse for not going (there is a home ISU football game on Saturday) but it isn't like I can't figure out how to get there.

I'm starting to feel the peer pressure--just like in high school. I saw a classmate at the county fair and she was all excited and said, "You're coming to the reunion, right?" I happened to run into at least two other just-as-excited classmates. Now I just heard that one of the foreign exchange students is coming from DENMARK to here for the reunion. C'mom, talk about pressure! I live one freaking hour away from where I went to high school and I'm wanting to cop out. Here she's flying half-way around the world to come back. My excuse looks even more lame right now.

Honestly, my class was not that exciting. We were a small, rural town--graduating class of 86 kids. Yours truly graduated 2nd in the class, thanks to my mathematical inabilities (I got a "B" in calculus my senior year). Not only was I the "nerd", I was the band geek, the choir geek, the drama geek, the jv sports loser (played jv for 3 years, then I decided athletics were not my thing), the cheerleader, in all sorts of clubs--heck, I even ran for president of my senior class and lost in a tie-breaker. Being in such a small school, you could do all of those things--you weren't necessarily stuck into one certain "label" and only did sports. Our class valedictorian? He was smart, a good athelete, nice looking (and has about a 14 year old child right now). I know where quite a few of my classmates are; that's what happens when your parents still live in your hometown and try to get you the latest gossip.

So if I now decide to go, I need to kick some OSB butt. How many pounds can I lose in 4 weeks? And I see a new haircut/highlight in my future along with a shopping trip. It almost sounds like too much work to go. My last excuse I can pull is if my sister would happen to deliver our new niece (or nephew) around the 1st of October and my mom wouldn't be able to babysit my kids. C'mom, Baby S, shoot for about 3.5 weeks from now!


KAS said...

Hey, at least your class is organized enough to give you more than a month notice. We had 15 people out of my class of 100 come to our 10-year reunion. Thanks, Sutter.

What are the events? Can you just go for one and put in some face time?

Dude, I'm still pissed at Mindy Wolf for taking my rightful place as Salutitorian of my class. Dumb bia and her FFA classes. I took three AP classes my senior year!

I'll do what I can, but I'm really hoping this kid comes before that weekend. Sorry!

TJ said...

My reunion consisted of a last minute invite saying "Meet at the barn. We'll tap the keg at 7." *eye roll*

I went to Titonka School with 20 kids. Then my sophmore year we merged to North Iowa High(aka Buffalo Center-Lakota-Titonka-Thompson-Rake)for a total of 60. I don't care too much for the other 40. ;)

Cristin said...

I haven't gone to any reunions... mine was a small class of around 100... and ALL girls... sorry, but I barely liked those rich b***es then, I doubt I'd like them any better now....

Mom on the Run said...

Go...seriously. I only had 14 in my class (ok, 12 if you don't count the foreign exchange students) and I couldn't wait for that town to see my dust. But by 15 years (we don't do 10), it was so much fun. DOTR is from North Platte and just had his 30th (yeah, we're seriously old) and 3/4 of his class still lives there. The only ones who come are from far away, and then they're disappointed that the locals couldn't be bothered to show.

Nate Carr gave the invocation at the Hall of Fame Banquet (I guess he must live here?) He's an ISU wrestler from my "era". Our asst. coach at the HS wrestled at ISU, he graduated from our school and came back to teach after college. Our friend is retiring after this year and the asst. is taking over as head coach.

I told you I was a wrestling cheerleader at NU, right? Yeah, I LOVE wrestling meets at ISU. Wow.

And, I was salutatorian, too. Because of math.