Saturday, November 8, 2008

Books, Books, Books

I don't have much to talk about today. Maybe because my brain is mush--Emma was up at 3:30am poking my leg because she had a bad dream and then Leah was up for the morning at 6:30am (damn daylight savings). My blog topic generator (a.k.a Glenda) once offered up the topic of books, so I'm going with that today. That also means she must send ideas for other blog posts to come.

We have a long history of reading in my family. Growing up, every year for Christmas we would get books from my maternal grandparents. You can still go to my parent's house, pull a book off the kids' bookshelf and usually find an inscription on the inside: "Merry Christmas, Kristyn! Christmas 1981". Even when they stopped sending books and just sent a small amount of money, I would still use it to buy books. Once they started sending the great-grandchildren money for birthdays, I would use it for books.

Before I had kids I worked in the schools and bought a lot of books from the Scholastic Book orders. It was like Christmas everytime we ordered books, I would pick a few out and then write them off as an occupational expense.

I still love giving and getting books. Here are just a few favorites--if I tried to post every book I love we may be here for awhile!

For the baby crowd:

You can't go wrong with anything Sandra Boyton. We are also big fans of her books with CD like


Another set of boards books we love are the Diaper David series by David Shannon

I got this for Emma for her 1st birthday

It is a very sweet book, and very fitting for Emma. The author has a few other Emma books that we've read from the library. The same author, David McPhail, also has this book:

Emma went through a "cowgirl" phase when she was about 3.5 years old. One of my favorite books for a little cow girl is

Or maybe you have pirates at your house

I found this book at a local children's store for Emma a few years ago. It is perfect for the non-vegetable lover and her mom, who may not like vegetables much, either.

There are a few other Daisy books, we've also read this one from the library

Another book fitting for my sweet toothed, non-vegetable eating daughters

I could go on and on about books, everytime I post one I think of two or three others. This may be an on-going feature, especially as I start Christmas shopping. Hope you enjoy!


Jenn M said...

LOVE me some good children's books!
We just read 2 David Shannon books tonight, they are Jason's absolute favorite. Pinkalicious is a big hit around here too, it was Audrey's first book she could "read" (ie memorize!). And, Ethan just pulled out Dog Train last week and asked me where the CD was (in the car).

So, do we live totally parallel lives or do we just both favor good lit? HMMM... You haven't updated on the Twilight series, do you love it? I just got the majority of my girls here to start reading and so far, all 3 are hooked!

kmm0305 said...

I *heart* Twilight, but I am such a cheap azz that I'm waiting to read the third until the library gets it in or the friend I borrowed the first two from get the third in paperback and reads it and loans it to me. ;) Considering she is having a baby anyday, I guess I'm stuck waiting for the slow-readers at the library. :P

Cristin said...

We have a ridiculous amount of books. Now that Graham is starting to read, he's completely obsessed and leaves books lying around everywhere! I can't complain though..

Love Sandra Boynton!