Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's my blog, so I can brag if I want to

We had Emma's parent teacher conference for kindergarten last night, and of course it went well. We knew that she was bright and loved school, and her teacher just confirmed that for us. In the teacher's words, she is a "phenomenal" reader. Right now the reading level where she is is about the end of 2nd grade. It is nice to know that there is another child who is around the same level, so the two of them get to go to "extra" enrichment classes three times a week. One of our worries was that Emma wouldn't be challenged, and the teacher is doing a great job to make sure she has things for Emma to keep her interested and thinking in class. The teacher gave us some ideas of things to work on--Emma tends to read for speed right now and needs to slow down and work on comprehension. The teacher did say that reading is definitely Emma's strong point; she is ahead of the game in mathematics/critical thinking, but reading comes easier. Sounds like her dear mother who made it through 6 years of higher education without taking a math/science class in college above Stat 101. I told hubby he can tutor her in the math department, that is what those enginerds are good for.

I think I'll pull out the "Dick and Jane" book today and get my second child started on reading. ;) Never too early, right?


Mom on the Run said...

Yay Emma!

Jenna was the same way, she could read the newspaper by Christmas of kindergarten, so I expected the same of all the others (didn't quite work out that way!)

kdotp said...

WTG smarty pants!

Yeah, if our kids want anything to do with math/science, they're going to have to go to their father. I'm like you, the highest math class I took in college was Stat 101.

TJ said...

Good job, Emma! I hope she stays interested all the way through her education!


Jenn M said...

Go Emma!