Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gettin' in the mood

The holiday mood, that is. I have always liked Bath & Body Works holiday scents, so this year I picked some up again. I am constantly getting awesome coupons from them that are "Free Item w/ any purchase". That means a cheapskate like me goes in and buys something for $1.50 and then gets an $11 item for free. Gotta work the system. Anyway, the past few years they have had a peppermint lotion out during the holidays and I've always steered clear. I didn't think I wanted to go around smelling like a giant candy cane. But this year I gave in and bought this

I used it once and I was hooked. It smells wonderful, and it left my bathroom smelling so good for hours after I used it as well. Then I got brave and bought this

Can I just say "love it"?! The smell is sweet without being overpowering and it makes your skin tingle, too--in a good way. ;) I have since gone on and bought this

and this

At least I know I will smell good for the next few month, and will also be clean and germ-free. And with my bargain abilities, I think I paid about $13 for all of it.
I also found a new favorite lip gloss. I love the B&BW C.O. Bigelow lip gloss, thanks to my loving sister (she has a bit of a lip gloss obsession), and have at least 3-4 at a time. My latest addition was this

It is a ginger mint with a hint of sparkle. It's what I'm wearing right now.

B&BW has also come out with a new kids line, and the girls will be getting some stocking stuffer items from there as well

Should I be worried that the gals who work in B&BW know Leah and I by name? Everytime we go to the mall we have to go to the "lip stuff" store. They get her all dolled up with lip gloss, lotion, and sparkly body spray.

I did pick up one more thing for me. I'm going to wrap it up and put it under the tree with a label that says "To Mom, Love your girls"

The gift would be the robe, not the girl. If that were the case, the tag may have to say "To Hubby, Love your wife".

I know I may come off sounding like I'm being paid by B&BW, but that isn't the case. I haven't been paid by them for the past 12 years--I worked there for awhile right after the store opened in our mall. As long as they keep sending me the good coupons, I'll keep coming back. And smelling great is a bonus.


KAS said...

I had a random sample of some Philosophy candy cane bath stuff that I tried out yesterday and actually liked it. Maybe I'll have to try some of this, too.

Bad Mommy said...

Ooooooo! Something I can actually BUY here! The BX stocks BBW stuff yet I can't get Country Crock mashed potatoes to save my life.

Hey, I need your address. I had it on the other computer but I haven't fixed it yet. You have my email, right?

kmm0305 said...

Bad Mommy--I'm pretty sure I do. I need your address, too. :) So you need a big shipment of Country Crock mashed potatoes, eh?